4 Amazing Accessories You Need for Your Hot Tub

When it comes to spas, hot tub accessories can make all the difference!

If you’re the proud owner of an outdoor hot tub and you want to enhance your overall hot tub experience this summer, then keep reading! In this article, we list four of our favourite must-have hot tub accessories that you’ll absolutely love. Read on to learn more!

Hot Tub Accessories For Sale

Inflatable Spa Pillow

Not all hot tubs are created equal! If you’re looking for optimal comfort for yourself, family and friends, investing in a few pillows can take your rest and relaxation to the next level. Affordable, durable, and often made from quality suede, many inflatable spa pillows come with suction pads so that they can be easily fitted to the side of the tub.

Hot Tub Steps

They may look insignificant and small, but hot tub steps are one of the most important accessories you’ll need to make getting in and out of your hot tub safe and secure. The DuraStep II is designed exactly for this purpose! The stylish slip-resistant steps lock together in seconds and can accommodate both round or square hot tubs, so you can step into your hot tub with style.

Covers and Lifts

You’ll enjoy your hot tub a whole lot more with a hot tub cover and cover lifter. As well as protecting your hot tub from dirt and debris, hot tub covers can save your electricity costs from spiraling out of control by maintaining the heat of your water inside. While they can weigh up to 30 pounds, a hot tub cover lifter with support arms will make it easier for you to lift and move around.  Why not check out our Cover Valet and Covermate series for long lasting convenience and peace of mind?

Floating Spa Bar

If you’re hosting a party or relaxing with a loved one, the floating spa bar will come in handy. Available in inflatable or non-inflatable formats, the floating spa bar is ideal for propping up your food and drink items whilst soaking in the hot tub. Designed to be stable, so there’s minimal risk of spillages, this easy-to-use and flexible accessory can also be rested on the side of the hot tub when necessary.

Spa Accessories for Sale at Euphoria Lifestyle

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