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Couldnt be more pleased

Chris and Tania

It was a long wait to get our tub because we needed the ground to be dry enough to use a mobile crane and the team at Euphoria were just as impatient as we were - finally an opportunity arose and Mike and the guys co-ordinated everyting superbly, plus living in a small cul de sac it gave the neighbours an interesting spectacle! We're loving the tub, we knew we would but one of the unexpected benefits is that its brought us closer as a family, our 14 and 21 year old sons love it too so often the 4 of us are in it together talking in a way that doesnt normally happen due to the lure of playstations and TVs


just fantastic

gary moulding

buying our Jacuzzi was made easy with thanks to Sharon and Frank at euphoria down to the site survey to the installation we couldn't have asked for more.
since having the Jacuzzi installed it has brought the family closer and enjoying it at the end of a long hard days work is the best feeling when looking up at the stars at night.


Euphoric Service!

allan kenny

8 years ago we bought a J335 Hot tub, it is now 2014 and the items runs as sweet as the day we bought it. We have moved house and mike and Frank were on hand to provide a very professional service to redeliver our cherished hot tub. No problems encountered, and the guys along with all their staff have provided a 5 star service. Thoroughly recommended, very pleasant people to do business with, highly regarded and most friendly service... A very big well done to the whole team...


Hot Tub

Lorraine Austin

After 3 years of stalking Sharon and Frank at Euphoria in Washington, we finally took the plunge and purchased our hot tub in May.
The service that Sharon and Frank provided was exceptional from start to finish. We didn't have to arrange anything...they did it all, even sorting out the HIAB to lift the tub over the house.
We have become very popular since purchasing the hot tub and it has been a great addition to our home.
Thanks again Sharon and Frank


Patio Sauna

Gwyn. Edwards

Dear Sir/Madam,

After a series of loops, curcuits and bumps with another sauna company in East Grinstead, I finally landed on my feet with you guys. Frank in Washington was a great help with putting the arrangement together and the on-site rebuild went very well indeed.
Whilst I appreciate a sauna in a UK garden might be considered an indulgence but I do wonder why I didn't organise this years ago AND with you good folk.

The site survey was very helpful as was the post installation visit by your engineer and I hope the pictures taken have come out okay.

As previously mentioned, if you have a prospective customer who wishes to view an on site unit, I'm sure I can accomodate.

As we used to say in the Services from when I first experienced the HELO quality of customer service, this unit is most definitely the proverbial 'dogs danglies' - may I wish you all future success and having a large display stand at the next Grand Designs Show at the NEC will assuredly produce business.

Go well guys,

Gwyn. Edwards


Great Jacuzzi and Infrared Sauna

Trond & Maria

Being Scandinavian I have grown up using saunas and outdoor hot tubs and I am quite fussy about them. I found Euphoria Lifestyle on google, and after a quick call I was reassured that Mike and Frank really know what they are doing. So with Mike's help, we decided on the Jacuzzi J-315 and a Helo Infrared Sauna. The delivery and installation was great and we are very, very happy with both. We use the outdoor Jacuzzi just about every evening, and my 2 year-old loves to splash around in it while watching the planes fly over head. The infrared sauna has been a real treat for tired bodies as well. Mike has been very helpful throughout the purchase and subsequent use of the products and has been in touch multiple times over the last few months just to make sure that everything is working properly and that we are happy.

Can not recommend enough really. Thank you Mike.


Fantastic hot tub

Sean Poole

We love our hot tub- it is used every week by the whole family.
We chose Jacuzzi because of its reputation and the great service and advice from Mike and frank. We did look at other manufacturers but decided on Jacuzzi because we know if we have any problems now or in years to come that the company will still be around. The hot tub is being used for relaxation and hydrotherapy and it has something for the whole family to enjoy.
Would recommend anyone to choose Jacuzzi.


Very Happy with our Jacuzzi

Jay & Gerry

We have had our Jacuzzi installed outside on the patio for about 8 months now, and use it at least once every day. We have had magnificent service from Frank & Mike from the planning stage to decide location, facilities arrangements [electricity, drainage, etc] and we got excellent advice on the actual day of delivery and connecting up. Since then lots of questions have come up, all of which have been answered promptly and courteously and we have found the operation very simple.

Highly recommended !!


J-495 Every home should have one!

Mr & Mrs Phillips

After years of purchasing short-lived Christmas presents for the family we decided to buy something that we could all enjoy, forever! We spent many hours researching the minefield of Hot Tubs available with differing features and prices. We narrowed our choices to a few and started to make real enquires. After speaking to several people and having a couple of wet tests, our decision was made. Mike and his team at Euphoria stood clearly way above all the others and the Jacuzzi product spoke for itself. Our order was placed just 10 days before Christmas and Mike and his team ensured that it was delivered and installed before the big day so that my family could enjoy it over the festive season. It is something that I have always wanted yet never seriously pursued; I only wish that I had bought one years ago. My wife had major brain surgery 3 years ago which had left her being quite an anxious person who developed poor sleep patterns, the change in her since our Jacuzzi has been incredible. I am surprised that Doctors and Surgeons do not recommend them. I have always suffered with a bad back and had a slipped disc many years ago, needless to say most heavy labour resulted in serious pain or days off recovering. I have carried out some fairly major landscape projects and some minor building works already this year and our Jacuzzi has kept my back in check! Our two Girls (11 & 16) absolutely love it and have spent many hours enjoying our Jacuzzi with their friends. It really is nice to see them outside having fun without a phone or tablet in their hands. It has been the best Christmas and Christmas present that our family have ever had and Mike and his team at Euphoria made it happen. The follow-up after installation and continued contact to check all is well is amazing. We looked at many manufacturers and many businesses but there was only one partnership that we were happy to invest in, Mike (Euphoria) and Jacuzzi.


Our Christmas Present

Alison Valentini

We are delighted with our new Jacuzzi. We've had excellent service from Frank and Mike, located at Squire's Garden Centre. They did everything exactly as they said they would and at the times they stated. Lovely people to do business with. The tub is easy to maintain with the chemicals and the weekly maintenance of filter cleaning etc takes only a few minutes. A delightful way to relax at the end of the day.


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