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Aqua 8

Aqua 8
Aquavia WhatSpa Best Buy 2019
Seating Capacity: 5
Prices from £15,168
Jets: 52
Dimensions: 233 x 233 x 91 (± 1cm)
Lounge: YES


  • The Aqua 8 spa, with room for five, has been manufactured for domestic and residential use. It comes equipped with one of the most complete massage circuits on the market and is particularly suitable for tall people, who can enjoy a relaxing or therapeutic spa session without the discomfort they may find in other spas that are too shallow or narrow.

    Whatever a person’s build or height, the 48 hydromassage jets and 24 air nozzles in the Aqua 8 spa give an adjustable power massage at a constant temperature.

    The Aqua 8 spa has two loungers, which make a bubble bath even more pleasurable. In addition to hydrotherapy treatments, aromatherapy and chromotherapy treatments can also be enjoyed thanks to the Aromatherapy and Colour Sense optional features. This spa is available in four colours and in two wood finishes. Music therapy is another optional feature that can be added by installing a Bluetooth® surround sound system. Optional extras also include the sophisticated EcoSpa system. This environmentally friendly device can make savings of up to 69% on the water consumed by a spa. The Aqua 8 spa comes out of the factory to be installed as an in-ground spa and is therefore sold without a cabinet. Like all other spas in the Aquavia range it has a metal rustproof structure and an ABS base specifically designed for this kind of installation.

    • Overview

      Seating Capacity: 5 Adults
      Dimensions: 233 x 233 x 91 (± 1cm)
      Average Spa Volume: 1.610 Liters
      Dry Weight: 378 Kg
      Total Filled Weight: 1.988 Kg
      Spa massage pump: 2 x 2.200 W / 3 HP
      Spa blower pump: 700 W
      Spa filter pump: 250 W
    • Electrical

      Low Amp (W)/(A) to 230 V: 5.502 W / 23,9 A
      Spa voltage: 230 V / 400 V III


      Cabinetry: Walnut, Graphite, Thunder
      Shell: White, Sterling, Pearl Shadow, Cameo


      Total Jets: 52

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