Easy Access

Easy Access Top View
Seating Capacity: 5
Jets: 40   View Jets
Dimensions: 216 x 198 x 90 (± 1cm)
Spa Volume: 980 l.

  • The Easy Access spa is an extremely versatile and elegant model whose main feature is that it is very easy to get into. The spa comes with robust steps made of solid surface for maximum durability and resistance. The stainless steel handrail that sits on the ground serves to steady the steps. There is a built-in step on the acrylic surface inside the spa so that it is easy to get in and out of it.

    • Overview

      Seating Capacity: 5 Adults
      Dimensions: 216 x 198 x 90 (± 1cm)
      Average Spa Volume: 980 Liters
      Dry Weight: 330 Kg
      Total Filled Weight:1.310 Kg
      Spa massage pump: 2 x 1.800 W / 2,5 HP
      Spa blower pump: 1.150 W
      Spa filter pump: 250 W
    • Electrical

      Low Amp (W)/(A) to 230 V: 5.200 W / 22,4 A
      Spa voltage: 230 V / 400 V III


      Cabinetry: Walnut, Graphite, Thunder
      Shell: White, Sterling, Pearl Shadow, Cameo, Winter Solstice, Sand


      Total Jets: 40

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