Lodge L

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub

2 & 3 YEARS!

Minimum deposit: £2,000
Lodge Jacuzzi Hot Tub

About The Lodge L

5 ergonomic seats provide a comfortable place for your guests to sit and relax whilst an additional lounge seat allows another guest to fully immerse themselves in the water, Lodge L provides hydrotherapy for between 5 and 6 people, making it ideal for larger holiday homes.

Suitable for both freestanding and built in installations Lodge L fits easily into any environment and with the simplistic design creates the perfect complement to any surroundings. Lodge L also benefits from QuickDrain® and Complete Drain technology which allows you to completely empty the hot tub for cleaning within 20 minutes.

Further features include a lockable, easy to use control panel, LED lighting to create the perfect lighting to heighten your guests hot tub experience, and ClearRay™ water purification utilises UV technology to remove 99.9% of water borne pathogens in turn reducing the amount of water maintenance.

Seating Capacity

4-5 People


223 x 211 (± 1cm)


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