Aquavia Spa

RRP: £8,755

The Rodas spa from the Professional range seats five people, has eight massage jets and 10 air nozzles. It has an overflow channel to keep the water level and flow constant, an LED projector for chromotherapy sessions and two piezoelectric switches for turning the massage function on and off. As an optional feature, a heat retaining pool cover will enable you to save on your spa’s power consumption, as it prevents the water temperature from dropping when it is not being used and heats up the water faster when it is next used.

In addition, its filtration system now comes with the great new feature of a buffer tank, which means the whole system only comprises two components. Aquavia Spa has been manufacturing spas for public use for more than 25 years. We are well aware that there are basically two drawbacks to installing public spas: the space they need and the fact that they are generally not easy to install.

Rodas hot tub

Seating Capacity

4-5 People


Ø 230 (± 1cm)

Spa Volume

1120 L

Hot Tub Jets

8 Jets
The Rodas Specifications

Seating Capacity: 5 Adults
Dimensions: Ø 230 (± 1cm)
Average Spa Volume: 1.120 Liters
Dry Weight: 175 Kg
Total Filled Weight:1.295 Kg
Spa massage pump: 1,81 kW
Spa blower pump: 1,3 kW
Spa filter pump: 0,82 kW

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Power Requirement:9.900 W
Spa voltage: 400 V III


Shell:White, Blue Marble, Sterling, Pearl Shadow, Cameo

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