12 Ways You Can Beat Stress in 2014

Most of us probably didn’t enter this year with the sensation of being on a beach stroll. ‘Hit the ground running’ would perhaps be a closer call home. And of course there’s nothing wrong with this – life bustles with opportunities and they simply won’t happen without us getting involved!

That being said, we always need to keep in mind that stress is no healthy matter and unwinding needs to be a top priority if we are to live to the fullest. The Euphoria Lifestyle team are firm believers in the benefits of de-stressing and have some tips towards a balanced 2014:

1. Time – Out in a Hot Tub or Sauna

In the rush of every day, it’s important to take quiet time out by yourself to reflect on the day and press the ‘re-set’ button as you fix your mind on the good. But before you try work too much out in your head, allow yourself to focus on the sensation of your breathing for a few minutes to allow your mind to unwind. A hot Jacuzzi or sauna is the perfect setting for this!

2. Move with a Mission

It’s time to don those trainers. And not just for a leisurely walk. It’s been proven that a high-intensity work-out will decrease your stress levels more than a moderate one. Naturally it’s also important to listen to your body too.

3. Find your Zone

You know that state where everything in your mind quietens as you solely focus on what is in front of you? This is key to de-stressing. It can be anything from art

4. Let it Be, Let it Show to sport to baking to fixing an engine! Find it and get lost in it.

That is, your emotions. A good cry can provide a huge relief and being honest about how you are feeling can take the pressure off you to constantly have to be doing well. Once you’ve let it out, it’s much easier to move on.

5. Find Furry Friends

Spending time with pets is a guaranteed stress reliever!

6. Now That’s Hilarious

Getting your daily ha-ha’s in is a must for a more relaxed life. Follow your favourite comedian on Twitter, listen to a comedy show in traffic or cook dinner with your funniest friend.

7. Let Your Hands Do the Work

It’s true – those squeezable handballs really do work to promote relaxation. Don’t have one? Make a hole in a tennis ball and do the same – squeeze as tight as you can before releasing.

8. Defend Your Sleep

Stress can easily cause you to lose some Z’s. Be diligent in curbing this as much as possible. Unwinding in a spa or sauna before going to bed has proven to be a great agent to help you get into Lala-land with ease. Also ensure that you get enough exercise and, if you can’t sleep rather than getting more worked up, tell yourself you need to stay awake for the next 30 mins to ease the pressure.

9. Keep it Natural

Enjoying nature is one of the best remedies for stress. Getting outside is first prize. Soak in the scents, the scenery and the peaceful sounds. If the weather or time is not on your side, a drive along a scenic route or a stop at an incredible view are great options.

10. Be a Picky Socialite

Regularly spending time with people who build you up is vital for your mental well-being. Choose people who have a positive outlook, who can challenge you and who embrace you with all your good and not-so good qualities! And what better way to rejuvenate than to allow the soothing jets of a hot tub work out your muscles as you catch up?

11. Get That Extra Touch.

Now who would say no to a massage? In case you need motivation to book one, consider that it’s been proven that regular massages can lower your heart rate and blood pressure as well as soothe stiff muscles and even provide an emotional release!

12. Bust the Butts

Smoking can seem to initially have a calming effect as the pleasure chemical dopamine is released. Unfortunately, these levels will drop soon afterwards, leaving you craving another smoke. Nicotine found in most cigarettes is also known to suppress the stress-fighting hormone serotonin.

Here’s to a healthy 2014! What has worked for you? We’d love to know!

To find out more about our Jacuzzi hot tubs and saunas which will benefit you as you resolve to live a less stressed life, speak to us today.