Top 5 Energy Saving Tips for Hot Tubs

There are two common myths when it comes to Jacuzzi© hot tubs:

  1. That they are too expensive to really ever own one
  2. They cost too much to run

So let’s go on a myth-busting mission. Basically, if you’re using your hot tub sensibly there is no need for your electricity bill to sky-rocket. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your hot tub and adding some simple features will make you huge savings over the lifetime of your Jacuzzi© hot tub.

We’ve put together some of the best energy saving tips to help you make the most of your hot tub, without it costing the earth.

Energy Saving Tips for Jacuzzi© Hot Tubs

  • Set your heat cycles to run at night when you’re usually using your hot tub Jacuzzi©. This is particularly effective if you have a night-rate electricity meter, when your electricity is cheaper, as opposed to the middle of the day.
  • Invest in thermal covers to stop heat escaping from your hot tub. Whilst investing in a good quality cover may have an upfront cost, it will save you in the long run with cheaper energy bills.
  • Protect your hot tub with windbreaks such as a protective fence or an enclosure around your hot tub Jacuzzi©. Not only does this shelter your hot tub from any wind chill, it also provides you with some added privacy.
  • Keep your filters clean and replace them regularly. Dirty filters put a strain on your equipment causing it to work harder and use more energy to do so. Clean and replace them regularly [specific timescales for replacing filters?] if you want to reduce your energy spend.
  • Check your hot tub insulation on a regular basis. Damage to your insulation will have a huge effect on the efficiency of your Jacuzzi© hot tub. Keep an eye out for any wear or holes which have appeared, repairing damaged areas as you find them., We can do this as a part of our annual maintenance checks on your Jacuzzi© hot tub.

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