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Can All-Season Pools Help You Lose Weight – 3 Useful Tips

If the idea of going to the gym every day or getting up early to go jogging before work doesn’t appeal to you, we may have the solution. If you’re determined to lose weight by living a more active lifestyle, look no further than your backyard.

By investing in an all-season pool, you’ll not only make working out more convenient, you’ll be making it much more enjoyable too.

What Is An All-Season Pool?

Also known as a swim spa, all-weather pool or exercise pool, all-season pools may look like a larger version of a hot tub, but we can guarantee you that they offers far more than a place to kick back and relax while enjoying a heated jet massage.

All-season pools were designed for year-round use, no matter what the weather. They can offer you the fitness opportunities of a swimming pool as well as the self-care aspects of a hot tub — and you get them both in one tidy unit.

Although exercise spas are much smaller than pools, it’s still possible to swim laps. Rather than swimming back and forth, the swim spa is equipped with water jet propulsion so you can swim laps in place. The resistance provided by the jets can be adjusted to suit your fitness level and allows you to gradually build up your endurance.

The other section of your spa offers heated water and jet massage, just like a hot tub, so you’re actually getting more bang for your buck. You get to have a great workout and a chance to relax and de-stress all in one unit.

How Can I Lose Weight With All-Season Pool?

Whether you need to shed five pounds or 50, an exercise pool might be able to help.

The great thing about all-season pools is that you’ll never get bored. The workout options are many from traditional swimming of laps to rowing or using resistance bands.

These accessories can be purchased as add-ons if you want to take your workout up a notch. Rowing kits and resistance bands are both excellent options for toning and strengthening your body while burning a lot of calories.

If you like variety in your workouts, you won’t be disappointed in your all-season pool. Virtually any exercise you can do on land can also be done in your spa.

Just as you can swim laps against a current, you can also power walk, jog or do a combination of both in your spa. And the best part is that you’ll burn more calories than you would if you went for a run in the park.

That’s because the added resistance of the water makes your muscles work harder giving you an increased calorie burn. And there’s no better way to lose weight than by burning a lot of calories.

3 Top Exercise Tips For All-Season Pool & Swim Spas

While most people equate swimming laps with swim spas, there are many more ways to get a great cardio workout and take advantage of the many health benefits of water exercise in your spa. Let’s take a look at the top three non-traditional exercises:

1. HIIT Training

High-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, has become immensely popular in the fitness world because of how effective it is for losing weight and burning calories. It’s also popular because it allows you burn a lot of calories in less time.

  1. To do HIIT in your spa, adjust your resistance according to your fitness level.
  2. If you’re planning to do a 30-minute workout, start with a slow walk to warm up.
  3. After two minutes, switch to a brisk power walk. This is the speed you’ll maintain through the majority of the workout.
  4. Every five minutes, add a 30-60 second burst of jogging.
  5. To up the intensity, you can do high-knee jogging or sprinting. This short interval will spike your heart rate.
  6. After the interval is over, slow down to a moderate walk for a minute to bring your heart rate back down, and then transition back to your power walk pace.
  7. Continue adding in 60-second HIIT and recovery periods for the remainder of your walk.

2. Squats

Squats are ideal for strengthening your thighs, glutes and core while also increasing your heart rate. Plant your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees and push your hips back as if you were going to sit down on a chair, raising your arms out in front of you to chest level. Do one set of 10 repetitions and add additional sets as you get stronger.

3.  Jump with Knee Tuck

This is the perfect move for getting your heart pumping while using a pile of muscles. Stand in the deepest part of your swim spa with your legs shoulder width apart and do a series of jumps, tucking your knees up toward your chest. Use your arms for balance.

Shop All-Season Pools at Euphoria Lifestyle

If you want to take control of your health, an all-season pool might help you along the way. Our goal at Euphoria Lifestyle is to help our customers live healthier lifestyles by offering a wide range of high-quality outdoor swim spas.

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