Jacuzzi® Swim Spas

Enjoy your garden 365 days a year, with help from your Jacuzzi® Swim Spa.

The perfect alternative to a swimming pool that can be used no matter the time of day or year, these industry-leading swim spas are engineered to provide you with an energy-efficient experience, with no compromise on style or affordability. With options from the prestigious PowerPro™ and PowerActive™ Collections, finding the best swim spa for your lifestyle is easier than ever before.

J-13 PowerPlay Jacuzzi® Swim Spa
J-13 PowerPlay™
J-19 PowerPro Jacuzzi® Swim Spa
J-19 PowerPro™
J-16 PowerActive Jacuzzi® Swim Spa
J-16 PowerActive™
J-16 PowerPro Jacuzzi® Swim Spa
J-16 PowerPro™
J-19 PowerActive Jacuzzi® Swim Spa
J-19 PowerActive™