Important things to check before buying a hot tub:

Only buy from an approved BISHTA dealer!  BISHTA is the UK trade association for the spa and hot tub industry.  BISHTA members are suitably trained and experienced to provide you with product knowledge and most importantly the water treatment regime needed to safely maintain your hot tub.

Know the running costs?  Jacuzzi® hot tubs cost from only £3.71 per week to run, have superb levels of heat insulation and are amongst the most energy efficient in the industry!

Take a wet test!  Would you buy a new car without first driving it?

Warranty / after sales?  Ask to see the warranty.  How long has the manufacturer / retailer been in business?

Customer Testimonials? – ask to speak to genuine satisfied customers!

Euphoria Lifestyleare proud to be BISHTA members, and are one of the country’s leading authorised retailers of genuine Jacuzzi hot tubs.  A warm welcome awaits you!   Did you know we also sell Helo Sauna & Steam products as well as complete home automation solutions.  Home automation/intelligent home control provides affordable home automation options for your house, including home cinema systems, multi-room audio video, lighting and temperature control for individual rooms, plus integrated security and much much more.  All via a single remote control! 

Be sure to look us up when researching your hot tub, sauna or home control project, a warm welcome awaits. Enrich your life in style with Euphoria Lifestyle