Can a Hot Tub Help Me Reduce Stress?

Are you looking for a new way to manage your stress?

The hot tub sitting in your garden might be the perfect solution. This extension of your home can provide a great place to sit back, unwind and process events from the day.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the many ways that you can manage stress with the installation of a hot tub in your garden.

Create a Stress-Free Spa Environment

The first step is to include your hot tub perfectly into your home and garden. By creating a spa installation that is geared toward relaxation, you can further promote stress relief each time you soak.

Some ideas to help you get started may include installing the spa underneath a gazebo, as this can provide you with protection against the elements and added privacy from nosy neighbours.

Other garden water features such as fountains, waterfalls and ponds can help set the tone, as the sounds of nature and trickling water are often soothing and serene.

Including a way to play music can also help to create a relaxing garden area, as you can listen to the sounds of soft music or your favourite playlist.

Lastly, dim lighting throughout your garden area can help to improve functionality, boost safety and set the mood, all elements of a garden that can help to reduce stress.

5 Hot Tub Activities to Reduce Stress and Promote Relaxation

Read a Book

Reading a book can help to distract you from the stress and anxiety of daily life, allowing you to escape if only for a limited amount of time.

Many find reading a relaxing activity, and one that they greatly enjoy! If reading is a hobby of yours, consider bringing a book into the hot tub with you the next time you soak.

Invite a Friend

If something is causing you stress, having a listening ear can often help. The next time you plan to have a relaxing evening in the spa, invite your significant other, best friend or sibling to join you.

You can discuss what is troubling you or simply talk and laugh the evening away.

Listen to Music

What better way to help your mind relax, than soothing music?

Whether you prefer the ambient sounds of nature or a playlist complete with the greatest hits, listening to music might be just what you need to reduce some stress. Sing, hum or dance if the mood strikes you!


It’s time to sweat it out. The hot tub can provide a great environment for low-impact and comfortable exercise. When you engage in physical activity, positive endorphins are released to help you reduce stress and promote relaxation.

If a water workout isn’t your fancy, why not try yoga in the hot tub?

Make a List

If there is something or multiple things bothering you, you may not find distracting yourself or taking a break from them useful.

Sometimes we need to tackle our troubles head-on and find a solution to truly ease the stress. If you aren’t in a place where you can find a solution to your troubles, why not make a list?

By making a list, you can plan and prepare how you will face these issues in a positive way. Bring a towel to dry your hands and place a notepad on the ledge of your spa to make your list. Be sure to turn the jets off though, as you don’t want the bubbling water to splash on your paper!

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