Euphoria Lifestyle Gets Fit!

Euphoria Lifestyle is thrilled to announce our partnership with Bloomsbury Clinic and Studio, based in Steyning. We will be working together with them and their personal trainer Keiran Mellikof, to provide bespoke personal training sessions using our swim spa. Bloomsbury Clinic and Studio’s business owner, Debby, expressed equal excitement about the partnership, commenting ‘I’m extremely excited about working closely with such a professional team. My first impression of the AquaFIT system was wow, what a beautiful piece of equipment’.

Our director Mike on the partnership: ‘Together we will provide amazing bespoke solutions to cater for every sport, fitness, training and rehabilitation/recovery needs of an individual, family, hotel or gym facility’.

The AquaFIT swim spa is an aquatic fitness system that functions as a complete underwater gym. The swim spa can be used to perform a complete variety of exercises depending on your fitness level; including walking, running, stretching, rowing and strength training.

Keiran, our personal trainer will be providing one on one bespoke sessions using the swim spa, based on the needs and goals of each individual. He specialises in Dynamic Pilates, which is an extreme version of pilates, with elements of aerobics and body weight exercises. It works every part of your body; it will flatten your abs, strengthen your back and improve your balance and flexibility with almost zero impact exercises. He also specialises in Yoga, Nutrition, Personal Training, Stretch and Relaxation and Pilates for beginners and senior citizens. On trying out the AquaFIT system for the first time Keiran commented ‘I found myself using the whole thing as a cross between a low gravity multi gym, ballet rail and luxury hot tub. The applications of this unique environment are only limited by the user’s imagination.’

To learn more about the different AquaFIT swim spas we sell, the benefits and to book a session with Keiran contact us today on 01903 892 555.