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Eight out of ten hot tub purchases in the UK are made by men, according to the industry’s trade association, the British and Irish Hot Tub Association (BISHTA), as part of a survey* to coincide with Father’s Day.

The BISHTA organization says, for an increasing number of families, the hot tub is replacing the dining table as the place where the family gathers for quality family time.

“The hot tub provides the ideal opportunity to get away from the phones, the computers, and the televisions and just get back to good old-fashioned talking,” says BISHTA chairman, Leo Reynolds.

“Busy modern households are increasingly scheduling a family soak – a group hot tub dip to enhance family bonding and to catch up on life.

“The added bonus is they are so good for de-stressing; easing aches and pains and helps promote good sleep.”

With an emphasis on specifications like seat configurations, pump power, and jet positions, men are likening the hot tub purchasing experience to choosing the new family car, according to the BISHTA sample survey.

“Generally, we find, men in a partnership will make the decision about larger,
higher-value purchases” says Mr. Reynolds.

“Buying a hot tub involves a lot of research and comparison of specifications which seems to appeal to the male psyche,” he adds.

“Female partners will influence the information search but the final purchase decision is usually made by the male partner.”

Hot tub sales average around 7,000 annually with many of these UK households investing in landscaping the back garden area to make the most of their investment, to become a focal point for outdoor living, and as a way of socializing with family and friends.

The survey also indicated that the hot tub is used nearly every day of the year in some households.  Described as perfect for soothing the aches and strains of the day, away from house distractions such as the television, teenage music, and the telephone.

The message for men is clear; put down the mobile phone and don’t worry about e-mail.  Let the hot tub help you relax!



Fathers Day 2009 falls on Sunday 21st June.

FATHER’S DAY: Father’s Day, originated in Spokane, Washington USA in 1910 – attributed to Mrs. John Bruce-Dodd who wanted a day to remember her father whose devotion to her and her siblings was unswerving after her mother died whilst giving birth to the sixth child of the family. Calvin Coolidge supported the Father’s Day idea during his US presidency in the early twenties and in1966, it was set in Statute in the US to fall on the third Sunday of June.

Not a great deal of information about how Fathers Day came to the UK, except that it has been imported from the USA and grew in popularity in the late Seventies.

*Survey Results: Results taken from a random telephone survey of 38 BISHTA customers in England, Scotland, and Wales undertook over a three-month period.

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