Four of the Best Outdoor Saunas

An outdoor sauna can be an excellent way to unwind while taking in all that nature has to offer.  Imagine having your very own outdoor retreat, where the whole family can take a rejuvenating break together. If you have a pool, everyone will enjoy the health benefits of deep-body heat followed by a quick, refreshing dip.

Outdoor saunas are not limited by the space restrictions you would have with an indoor sauna, so your imagination really is the limit in terms of location, size, and appearance. Because an outdoor sauna is exposed to the elements, it requires better quality outer panelling and insulation to protect it.

Here are four outdoor saunas, for the perfect garden oasis.

1.   Barrel Sauna

The barrel sauna was developed over thirty years ago. The shape is both stylish and functional, providing maximum usable space while minimizing excess cubic feet. The less cubic feet of air, the faster your room will heat. In addition, the barrel sauna maximizes seating space by utilizing opposing benches that run the full length of the room.

2.  Sauna Box

Also known as a ‘container sauna’, the sauna box was created by Castor design studio. This 8 ft (2.4 m) square shipping container is a fully-functional wood-burning sauna with a cedar interior and solar panel to power the lights, making this sauna totally self sufficient. Close the cargo doors and your sauna is protected from the elements and kept safe while you’re not using it.

3.     Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas produce a mild temperature of 120-150 degrees compared to the 180-190 degrees of the traditional Finnish sauna. However, since the heat in an infrared sauna is like the sun, it travels deep into the body and can cause sweat at this low temperature. Infrared saunas emit a specific wavelength of light, and it is when this infrared light is absorbed in the skin that your body`s temperature will rise.

4.     Suburban Outdoor Sauna

How about a Suburban Outdoor Sauna, that also doubles as a pool-house? The structure can include sauna, changing room, patio and space for a shower. Designed for easy assembly, the walls and roof are constructed of 4 inch insulated panels, finished inside and out.

Experience all the joys of the traditional indoor sauna with an outdoor sauna tailored to your exact needs. Euphoria Lifestyle provides its customers with the opportunity to design their own sauna. Choose the wood, sizes and fittings you prefer and we take care of the rest. Take comfort in our years of experience and expertise in the design and building of genuine outdoor saunas – it will result in a family wellness centre that not only looks and feels good, but can add value to your home.