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How To Host The Ultimate Hot Tub Party

Relationships and socials are at the core of the festive season – you might not remember what you got for Christmas last year but you’ll remember who you spent it with. With extra leisure time, why not plan a Jacuzzi hot tub hangout that will be talked about long into the new year?

The Euphoria team are passionate about the social aspect of the Jacuzzi hot tub lifestyle and would love to help you plan your best holiday hot tub hangout with the following tips:


It’s important to check your spa’s chemistry the day before to ensure that the chemicals are in balance. Ensure that your pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.6. It’s also a good idea to remove your spa filter for a thorough clean and to wipe and vacuum the inside of the spa. To further sanitise the spa, it would be well worth shock treating the water with Jacuzzi Chlorine Shock, or Jacuzzi Non-Chlorine Shock before the guests arrive and also after heavy use – you can safely bathe again as soon as 20 minutes after the shock treatment .Don’t forget to use No-Foam or Spa Clear if necessary to keep the water sparkling clean and inviting!

Keep in mind that the area around the spa should also be clean so that no unnecessary dirt gets into the Jacuzzi hot tub.


Do you want to host a Jacuzzi hot tub party for all your close friends or do you want a more intimate hangout with less people? Another option is to just invite one person – that special someone, and make it a romantic night! Deciding how many people you want and what type of hangout it will be will affect the rest of your planning. The size of your hot tub will naturally play a role, unless you want your guests to rotate.


A social without good food and drinks is hardly a social. Finger snacks are ideal. Why not get your guests involved in the food- making process? Let everyone bring ingredients and make your snacks, dessert or drinks together! Having said this, food and spa filters are not very good friends and the idea of your snacks enjoying the bubbles with you is somewhat less appetizing. Therefore it might be a good idea to enjoy the snacks inside and leave the drinks for the hot tub.


Adding a tune or twenty to a hangout is an essential ingredient for a successful spa party. Take time selecting a playlist to keep the good times rolling! If planning is your motto, get guests to send you some of their favourite songs to add to the list. Many of Euphoria’s hot tubs come with Bluewave Bluetooth built-in sound systems such so everyone can enjoy their favourite music wirelessly!


In between getting in and out of the steaming water, take a few photographs to capture the fun. Unfortunately cameras and phones don’t seem to appreciate the water as much as we do so keep in mind to give them their space.


Euphoria has an extensive range of aromatherapy products available to add an extra touch to your party. We have a natural salt crystal range with crystals soaked in essential oils which dissolve to soften the skin. Choose from a variety of scents such as the Jacuzzi Scents Soothing blend or the Jacuzzi Scents Citrus Burst. Or consider our Liquid Pearl range, which contains fresh aromatherapy fragrances enriched with emollients which also moisturises the skin.


The right lighting can set the perfect atmosphere. Euphoria offers spas with their own LED mood lighting, and other features such as Water Rainbow Waterfalls in the J-300 and J-400 series, and the IX Volcano/Champagne jets found exclusively in the J-400 series hot tubs.  It’s also known as Chromatherapy where you can alter your mood by changing the colours!  Alternatively, add some glow sticks and candles and you’ve got the mood!


Yip – someone has to clean up! Have you tried washing eight towels by hand? ‘Nuff said.

We hope you’ve bought the champagne! Why not share your holiday hot tub photos with us and we’ll share them on Facebook? Get in touch via Facebook. Happy Planning!