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How To Pick The Right Hot Tub Size

An ill-fitting hot tub is like a badly fitted shoe – your toes are squashed, uncomfortable and unhappy.

A hot tub is meant to be a relaxing, fun space, perfectly designed for that valuable ‘me time’, so picking the right size is extremely important.

Before you rush out to your nearest hot tub showroom to pick yours, we’ve put together some invaluable advice to help you make sure you and your hot tub are the perfect fit for each other.

How Do You Plan to Use Your Hot Tub?

When it comes to hot tub sizes, consider how you plan to spend the majority of your time in the hot tub. Is it the thought of some much-needed ‘me time’ which spurs you to purchase, or the idea of getting your friends and family around to share your new purchase?

If you’re likely to have friends or family around on a regular basis you’ll need a hot tub to fit at least four people.

Where Do You Plan on Locating Your Hot Tub?

Location is everything – especially when it comes to hot tubs. Where you plan to place your hot tub could have a massive impact on the size and shape of hot tub you’re able to have.

Size up the different locations you have in mind to see which would be the best option and this will give you an indication of the maximum size hot tub you can have.

Ask For a Wet Test

Ask to wet test your chosen hot tub or tubs. A wet test is a private session where you have a chance to test out a hot tub filled with water to really get the feel of it. If possible take everyone along with you who plans on using it regularly – this could be the whole family. If you can’t do a wet test, give the hot tub a go in they dry.

Ensure you fit comfortably, gauge whether you’re comfortable, how deep the seating is and the roominess of the footwell. Try several different models to make sure you’re happy with your chosen model.

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