In January we announced our partnership with Bloomsbury Clinic and Studio and introduced you to our personal trainer, Keiran. In this blog Keiran talks about his first experience with our AquaFIT swim spa.

“I’m standing with my friend and business associate Debby Holmes-Smith on a fairly cold, December day, at Euphoria Lifestyle’s showroom in Washington, West Sussex. The thought of stripping off and jumping into an outdoor Jacuzzi, even one covered by a marquee, is not filling me with joy.

“As Director of Euphoria, Mike Robinson , fires up the powerful motors, the entire swimming pool-sized body of water starts to flow, like a disembodied segment of the Zambezi River. “It’s a swimming treadmill” I proclaim to my business associate, who like me is staring in wonder at the surreal sight. I sink my forearm into the powerful current, feeling it blast my hand backwards; two minutes later I’m in the pool.

“I am keen to test the AquaFIT’s training potential, as it has anchor points all around the outside of the pool with loops to which you can attach resistance tubes. These allow you to do almost any exercise with forces pushing and pulling from every direction, in an entirely warm and buoyant environment. As a flexibility and core conditioning coach, to me, this is fascinating. I have found a way of doing a total body workout, using the different bungees, whilst imperceptibly having my muscles slowly loosened up by the warm water.

“After a short workout my muscles are so pliable that I am able to use the outside of the pool as a ballet rail, to perform a scissor split, without any kind of pre-stretch. The muscles have simply unraveled in the warm water. I think that the potential for the AquaFIT system is limited only, by the user’s imagination. I have worked everything from inner thigh, all of my torso, to between my shoulder blades; there was nothing I couldn’t work given the right angle and the current resistance tube. The control of the water temperature and jets means that the AquaFIT swim spa has the potential to be used as anything from advanced Pilates equipment to equipment for rehabilitation and I can’t wait to explore the possibilities.”

To learn more about the different AquaFIT swim spas we sell, the benefits and to book a personal training session with Keiran contact us today on 01903 892 555.