Cube 250

About The Cube 250

Constructed from solid wood staves, cube saunas are structurally robust, enduring harsh outdoor conditions. Precise notched staves ensure durability without excessive fasteners, guaranteeing a lifetime of use.

  • 40mm thermo spruce frame
  • Full glass front panel – double-glazed
  • Thermo aspen flooring duckboad
  • Sauna ventilation valve Roof shingles
  • 3 foundation beams

Seating Capacity

6 People


250 x 235 x 225cm


2x LED lights with switch

Seating Options

2x Sauna room Aspen benches
Each sauna offers two heating choices: an electric heater or a wood-burning stove. We recommend Harvia for both options. All Harvia products proudly bear the Key Flag, signifying their Finnish design and manufacture.
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