Fitness In-Ground

Aquavia All Season Pool

Prices from: £22,930


400cm x 230cm x 138cm

Spa Volume

6000 L

Hot Tub Jets

52 Jets

About The Fitness In-Ground

The Fitness Spa is the most compact swimspa on the market, an all-in-one model valued for its versatility in small spaces (400 x 230 cm). In-ground is its built-in version, with no cabinet and ready to install in your garden or to be covered in any space. Children use it as a mini swimming pool sized just for them and adults have a 2 metre area where they can practise any aqua fitness or aqua gym activities, alternating with an exceptional massage in its 4 ergonomic hot tub positions. If you want a compact family swimspa, this one is for you.

There is enough room for counter-current swimming, with 4 powerful water jets that let you swim non-stop throughout your workout or walk against the current. It has two stainless bars for support during aquatic fitness exercises and you can relax before or after in the lounger or two seats, or enjoy the vertical massage column on the side.

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