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Top 6 Hot Tub Accessories for The Summer

Hot tubs are all about relaxing – but with summer on its way, we thought it would be great to share our top six hot tub accessories.

1. Waterproof TV

 This sleek, modern and innovative 17” LCD TV unit is designed and built to the highest standards and meets the latest regulations in waterproofing and safety.

With built-in free view as standard, our waterproof TV allows you to watch your favourite programmes in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or even outdoors – making it a great addition to your hot tub or pool.

2. Floating Spa Bar

Impossible to tip up, the inflatable floating hot tub spa bar is perfect for your drinks and nibbles. Two small bags under the spa bar are filled with water to balance and prevent it from tipping up.

3. Bean Bag

Covered in a two-way stretch PU fabric, these beanbags are breathable, water-resistant, durable and easy to clean. This means you can use the bean bag seat just about anywhere, making it the ideal choice for relaxing outdoors in the garden or even as a gaming bean bag in your living room.

Whether you are looking for bean bags for kids or an adult, the Jacuzzi bean bag is extremely comfortable with several reclining/sitting positions. Available in a range of colours, wrap yourself up in a Jacuzzi bean bag and let it mould to fit your body to understand why you’d be crazy to choose any other bean bag.

4. Inflatable Spa Pillow

Who doesn’t love to climb into their hot tub after a long stressful day at the office? Hot tubs are all about relaxation of the mind and body. The soothing hot water, the jets hitting just the right place… all you need to make it better is the perfect hot tub pillow to cradle your head.

Many hot tubs come with great pillows from the factory but they can wear out after a lot of use. Whether you are looking for replacement hot tub pillows or just a new one that is more comfortable and suits you better, we are bound to have one that will work for you, such as this inflatable spa pillow great for any spa or hot tub.

5. Inflatable Booster Seat

An inflatable hot tub booster seat, for those who wish to sit on something a little softer or be slighter higher in their hot tub.

6. Aromatherapy

Hot water has a long track record of being therapeutic and good for the body. The Jacuzzi aromatherapy range offers a series of aromatic essences created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding hydrotherapy lover. Indulge yourself with scents and fragrances to help you relax in your hot tub. The Jacuzzi® aromatherapy range has a solution for you.