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The Top 7 Hot Tub Sins to Avoid

From eating that extra slice of cake, running a red light on your way home from work or not cleaning your hot tub filters – we’re all guilty of committing the odd sin every once in a while.

But when it comes to you and your Jacuzzi, continuously committing hot tub sins can result in serious damage to your hot tub.

Are you guilty of committing any one of these seven cardinal hot tub sins? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Not Using a Hot Tub Cover

Without a cover for your Jacuzzi hot tub valuable heat will be easily escaping from your tub. Investing in a cover will keep it protected, warm and save you money on energy bills.

Don’t forget to give your cover a clean once a month and apply Jacuzzi Cover Cleaner to prolong the life of your Jacuzzi cover.

2. Failing to Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

Your Jacuzzi hot tub filters should be cleaned on a weekly basis, simply remove the filters and rinse under the tap or a hose and leave to dry.

Once every 3 months you should be treating your filters to a good overnight soak in Jacuzzi Filter Cleaner. Treat your filters right and they’ll last you a lot longer.

3. Letting Dirt Into Your Hot Tub

If any kind of dirt finds its way into your hot tub it’ll quickly get into your hot tub filter, which can cause significant damage.

Take measures to avoid dirt getting into your Jacuzzi, such as decking around your hot tub, towels on hand and ensuring people wear shoes or flip-flops out to your hot tub.

4. Treating Your Hot Tub Like a Swimming Pool

Diving and cannonballs are to be kept strictly to the swimming pool. Your hot tub is not a swimming pool so don’t let anyone attempt to treat it that way – not only could they potentially damage your hot tub they could cause serious injury to themselves.

5. Entering a Hot Tub with An Open Sore

Do not use a hot tub if you’re suffering with an open sore or infection. The warm water of a hot tub provides the perfect breeding ground for infection to spread.

6. Leaving Children Unattended in The Hot Tub

Hot tubs can be dangerous for children if they’re left unattended. Ensure a responsible adult is on hand to supervise at all times and that the temperatures are not too high.

7. Keeping Your Hot Tub Enclosed

Ensure your hot tub is properly ventilated when in use, otherwise hot tub users can experience throat and eye irritation.

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