The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Hot Tub

Are you in a whirl about buying your first hot tub? Confused by hot tub features, maintenance and where to locate your hot tub?

Fear not, we’ve put together our ultimate guide to hot tub buying to help you make the right choices without the stress.

Do your research

A hot tub is an investment and one which shouldn’t be rushed into. Make sure you do plenty of research before making that final purchase.

Read as much information as you can about the benefits and different features of a hot tub – this will give you a clear idea of what you do and don’t want from your hot tub. Take into consideration how often you’ll be using it and who will be using it.

Hot tub location

If you’ve got this far in the hot tub decision process you’ve probably already thought about where you want it to go. Location can affect your hot tub.

For example, if it’s outdoors your hot tub won’t be as effective at retaining heat, so, if possible, place it under a shelter or indoors. If you’re not sure where to locate your hot tub check out our Jacuzzi® hot tub case studies, which are filled with inspiration.

Research your prices

Buying a hot tub isn’t as simple as purchasing one online. Whilst you can do a large amount of your research online it’s important to go and see the hot tubs that interest you in situ and talk to the experts.

Look closely at any offers to ensure you will get what you want, which will often be valuable extended hot tub maintenance and after care packages.

Visiting several showrooms gives you the opportunity to get a good look and feel of several different models within your budget and requirements. Ask questions about the installation service – do they offer everything you need?

Try before you buy

Where possible ask for a wet test. We offer private wet sessions where you can try your favourite Jacuzzi® hot tubs before you buy. Test out the different settings, listen to how the hot tub sounds and feels when you’re sitting back and relaxing in it for real.

Aftercare package

Many hot tub retailers provide an extensive maintenance and aftercare package to ensure you get the most out of your hot tub. Ask retailers questions about what they offer.

If you’re shopping online read up on their aftercare packages, but if you’re still unsure pick up the phone and speak to someone there. Make sure you get all the answers to your questions.

Hot Tub Features

Hot tubs can come with an array of gadgets and gizmos for the ultimate Jacuzzi® hot tub experience, sometimes as standard but not always. Always see what your chosen model comes with and if there are any additional extras, for example you might want a built-in stereo, an iPod dock or a waterfall feature.

For further advice and help buying your Jacuzzi® hot tub speak to the experts at Euphoria Lifestyle. We’re one of the UK’s leading and award winning suppliers of lifestyle and wellness products, specializing in Jacuzzi® hot tubs in Sussex. Get in touch with the team today on +44-1903-892555