Top 7 Outdoor Hot Tub Accessories

Is your outdoor hot tub in need of a little TLC?

With the right expertise and hot tub supplies, you can bring your garden spa back to life! In this article, we touch on seven of the best accessories that can add the finishing touches to just about any hot tub installation. If you aren’t sure what your garden hot tub is missing, read on!

1. Stereo System

Surround yourself with music!

From easy listening and rock to jazz and oldies, the optional BLUEWAVE™ Spa Stereo System can stream the music of your choosing! Access playlists on your mobile device using Bluetooth technology or by USB or AUX connection, or simply listen to the radio. This stereo system can be installed into most Jacuzzi® hot tubs, creating the perfect atmosphere and best hot tub experience!

2. Cover & Lifter

Here are two hot tub accessories in one that you absolutely cannot soak without! Hot tub covers are an essential, as they create a safer garden environment by keeping children, pets and wildlife from accessing the spa without you around.

Not to mention that by placing a cover on your hot tub, you can keep dirt, debris and insects from entering the water, all while reducing heating costs. That’s right, you can keep operational costs down by using a cover to retain heat. The less heat that escapes, the less your hot tub system will have to work in order to regulate the water, thus keeping costs down.

Let’s not forget about the cover lifter. Reduce the strain on your body and make accessing your hot tub a simple process with the addition of a cover lifter. To learn more about our hot tub covers and cover lifters for sale, visit our team at Euphoria Lifestyle today.

3. Steps

Speaking of hot tub supplies, have you considered spa steps?

Add slip-resistant steps to your above-ground hot tub installation to create a safer environment, without compromising on style. There is a wide range of high-quality steps available that can match the cabinetry of your hot tub, while offering a small storage compartment for towels and hot tub supplies underneath.

4. Towel Rack

Keep towels clean and your garden area organized with the addition of a towel rack. These racks can come in many styles, either as a stand-alone rack similar to what you would hang your coats on, or by adding hooks to a nearby fence or gazebo installation.

5. Potted Plants

Is your garden lacking colour and style? One easy way to spruce up your hot tub installation is by adding potted plants. Play around with the variation in pot size, shape and colour, while adding some of your favourite plants and flowers to your hot tub installation. The best part? You can avoid a time-consuming and physically demanding landscaping endeavor.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some plant ideas:

  • Golden Sword Yucca
  • Cosmos
  • Green Mountain Boxwood
  • Hostas
  • Fountain Grass

Place the potted plants and flowers along the side of your hot tub or on a nearby deck/patio area.

6. Outdoor Lighting

Create the perfect ambiance with outdoor lighting! Hang string lights that twinkle throughout your garden or along the trim of your gazebo to really brighten things up. Another idea is to add in-ground lights to illuminate pathways, patios and your hot tub itself, throughout your garden. Not only does outdoor lighting look great throughout the year, but it can also help to improve the safety in your garden.

7. Water-Resistant Games

Keep drinks afloat or play Go Fish with waterproof hot tub accessories. There is a variety of fun games that can bring hours of entertainment to your hot tub. Visit your local hot tub store to see which ones would be perfect for your spa!

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