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Valentines Day Hot Tub Essentials

There’s nothing better than bubbles for Valentine’s Day and we’re not just talking about champagne. Picture this – you and your loved one gazing up at the stars whilst luxuriating in the warmth of your hot tub.

We can’t think of anything more romantic so we’ve come up with the top 4 essentials to make your Valentine’s Day hot tub date a steaming success.


Ah, champagne – the oldest trick in the book when it comes to romance. Sip from elegant Champagne Flutes made of quality plastic, which will let you enjoy a little bit of luxury in safety in your hot tub.

Remember – glass and hot tubs do not make good partners.

Sweet Treats

Planning on whipping up some delicious chocolate covered strawberries, perhaps some red velvet cupcakes?

This neat spa caddy table easily fastens to the side of any hot tub and the unique swivel design allows you to reach for your Valentine’s Day treats and enjoy them with ease.


Create a spa-like experience and add Liquid Pearl to your hot tub water. Enriched with emollients, it will leave your skin softened and moisturised. For that added Valentine’s Day touch, we suggest choosing the passion flower scent.

Smooth Exit

Don’t spoil your fun with a cold dash back indoors; snuggle up instead in these luxurious velour bath robes. Made from the finest quality cotton velour, these robes make for a very stylish (and warm) exit from the hot tub.

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