What You Need to Know About Buying An All Season Pool

Thinking about buying an all season pool for the summer?

How exciting! You’ll be splashing into one of the most affordable aqua workout stations for the home. These hot tub and swimming pool hybrids are becoming much more popular and available in the U.K. and the rest of the world too!

However, with so many options and features available, choosing one can be extremely difficult. So today, we’re diving into the most important things to look for, so you can find the spa that best suits your budget and lifestyle. Read on for more!


A great reputation is one of the first things you’ll need to know when deciding which manufacturer is right for you. Do they have a proven record of reliability? What do their clients and customers say about them?

Fortunately, at Euphoria Lifestyle we’re proud suppliers of Aquavia Spa all season pools and SwimLife™ all season pools – designed and built by Jacuzzi®, the brand that invented the hot tub more than 60 years ago.

Swim Current

What makes an all season pool uniquely different from a swimming pool? It’s the fact that you can swim continuously against a water current without having to turn around to continue your lap.

You can literally keep going like the energizer bunny, which is great news for athletes and casual swimmers who want to get their swim on!

There are three types of current that can have a substantial impact on the performance of your swim. Let’s take a look at those below:


Paddlewheel all season pools create a smooth, wide, but shallow current the width of the spa generated from a wheel at the back of the unit.


A propeller or fan style swim current uses a large hydraulically powered propeller to push water down the middle of the all season pool.


A jet propulsion spa pumps the water through the unit’s jets and the current can be adjusted for speed and direction.

Regardless of how these currents are generated, it’s important to ensure the current is strong, smooth and easy to control.

Above-Ground or In-Ground All-Season Pools?

Above-ground all season pools, as the name suggests, sits on top or above the ground. These self-contained units require less plumbing, are easy to install and cost less to purchase and operate than their in-ground counterpart.

In-ground all season pools can be fully submerged into the ground, or partially exposed above ground. They are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can blend seamlessly with any existing theme or décor, but they are more expensive to install and maintain.

Shell Design

Another feature that’s crucial to the swim experience is the shell design. The shell reduces the amount of turbulence in the swim lane, by massaging the water up the sides, instead of back into the swim lane, where it can interact with the incoming current.

Look for a shell that produces little backsplash, so it won’t push you out of the swim lane and disrupt your swim experience.

Energy Efficiency

How efficiently all season pools use their energy is another important consideration. Luckily, all season pools have energy efficiency in abundance compared to swimming pools.

However, if you plan on using your all season pool all-year-round, check how well the spa cabinet is insulated, and how efficient its pumps and heaters are. The less power the equipment uses, the lower your electricity bill will be.


Can you sit comfortably? Are the seats ergonomically designed? Will you get the best possible soaking and massage experience? One way to find out is by taking the all season pool for a test ride. Better yet, why not ask to do a ‘wet test’ at Euphoria Lifestyle?

Our friendly and efficient all season pool specialists are always on hand to accommodate you. This way you can inspect other design features and have all your all season pool questions answered in one fell swoop.

Large All-Season Pools for Sale in West Sussex

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