Your mind’s made up, that hot tub will be yours…but there’s just one flaw to your plan – your partner’s not so keen.

But it’s not so hard to convince them that buying a hot tub is the right thing to do.

To help them come around to your (very right) way of thinking we’ve come up with 10 of the most undeniable reasons why you need a hot tub in your life – try them out, then let us know which ones work for you.

1. Make time for your love life

It’s impossible for your love life not to get better as you both cuddle up in the warm water as the sun sets. A Jacuzzi© hot tub means you’ll get to spend regular quality time together, enjoying one another’s company.

2. Make your own slice of heaven

Create your own heaven right on your doorstep. With a hot tub you’ll have an easy escape for you to use whenever and however you feel like getting away from it all.

With your own Jacuzzi© hot tub there’s no need for you to head down to your gym or health club, just step into your garden.

3. All-year-round use

‘Hot tubs are just for summer’ is a complete myth – in fact they can be much more fun to slip into during the winter months. Take inspiration from some of our previous installations; a purpose-built outhouse or gazebo will mean you can use your hot tub 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Save money on going out

Have friends over to yours instead of spending a fortune every month on going out or travelling to friends’ houses. A hot tub is an instant party-piece for you and your friends to enjoy.

5. Get a better night’s sleep

Jacuzzi© hot tubs have been proven to improve your ability to fall asleep for a better night’s rest, perfect if you regularly struggle with sleep.

6. The perfect post-workout relief

The warm soothing water of a Jacuzzi© hot tub is the perfect remedy to relax aching muscles after a hard workout. The hot water decreases muscle tension and leaves you feeling refreshed.

7. An end-of-the-day escape

Do you lead a hectic lifestyle? Investing in a hot tub will provide you with your own quiet space to escape the buzz of daily life – sit back, relax and evaluate your day in peace.

8. Personal stress reliever

A dip in your own hot tub is the perfect remedy for a stressful day in the office. Slip into something more comfortable and lay back with your favourite tunes whilst your hot tub’s jets work their magic to relieve the tension.

9. Something for the family

Sons, daughters and grandchildren will all be around to share in your hot tub investment. Spend quality time in the tub with your family and improve family bonds.

10. Add value to your property

Whilst some hot tub owners choose to take theirs with them to their new property, should you decide to leave it behind and opt for an upgrade instead, your existing hot tub will add value to your property – making it a more appealing buy.

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