4 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Winter Hot Tubbing

When the depth of winter is wearing you down, a dip in the hot tub can be an invigorating breather from the daily grind. The heat from the bubbling water in contrast to the cold air will make sitting in your hot tub a relaxing and cozy experience all winter long.

While getting outside in the winter might take some convincing, we’ve compiled four amazing reasons why hot tubbing during the winter could actually prove to be a priority for your health and wellness.

Ward off Cold and Flu

The sniffle season is in full swing during the winter, so you’ll need to act fast to fight off seasonal colds and the dreaded flu.

By using your hot tub to sweat the toxins out of your body, while getting fresh, cool air into your lungs, you can arm yourself against aches, cough, fever and fatigue.

Make sure to turn the thermostat up to 104°, and drink plenty of water to replenish, before kissing your cold and flu goodbye.

Enhance Your Work-Out

Let your hot tub inspire you to stay fit for the month of January, and beyond! Before you exercise, soak in your hot tub to keep your muscles and joints limber, so you are less likely to pull or strain them during physical activity.

After each workout, use your hot tub to relax and soothe aching muscles. This is not only a great way to help your body recover, but it will also help you burn extra calories too.

Aid Stress Relief

If you’re feeling listless from the lack of sunlight and exercise or finding the constant shoveling and cleaning of snow and ice back-breaking, you’ll appreciate your hot tub even more.

When the pressure of post-holiday stress takes its toll, take comfort in the winter oasis that your hot tub provides.

It won’t be long before you experience the wonderful benefits of improved sleep, reduced stress, soothed joints and eased muscle tension. If you’re new to the world of hot tubs or considering investing in one, 2018 may be the year to take the plunge.

Entertain your Family and Friends

Eliminate that cabin fever feeling, and give yourself a reason to enjoy your hot tub in a unique and fun way. If you’re looking for a novel way to create fond memories with your friends and family this winter, spend quality time with them in the hot tub.

Use accessories such as heating lamps and candles to add to the winter wonderland experience.  Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa, or your favourite warm beverage to stay hydrated while in the hot tub, or immediately after your soak. It’s advisable to limit your time in the water to 20 minutes at a time.

Hot tubbing when it’s cold outside is a great way to enjoy your hot tub and take your winter up a notch. Still undecided about hot tub winter use?

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