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Top Tips For Winter Hot Tubbing

You can generally rely on two things when you live in the UK – summer will be short and disappointing while winter will be cold and long.

We can only think of one way to improve those long winter nights – jumping into a Jacuzzi© hot tub with a hot chocolate and our friends or family (or even by ourselves if it’s been one of those weeks).

Whilst hot tubbing in the summer may feel like a luxury, taking a dip in the tub when it’s cold and dark outside feels out of this world.

So instead of draining your hot tub and leaving it empty, which can cause more damage and cost you more than you would save by not running it, read on to find out what you can do to keep your Jacuzzi© hot tub running smoothly over the winter period.

Before the cold weather hits the UK full force run through our checklist and get ready for those wonderful, warming cold-weather hot tub dips:

1. Check the seals

Do a visual check on all of the seals on your Jacuzzi© hot tub to ensure they are all intact. Any tears should be repaired to reduce heat loss or contamination from rain water or ice melting and leaking into your tub.

2. Drain your hot tub

It’s always a good idea to give your hot tub a thorough draining and clean out to get rid of the last remains of summer, such as suntan lotion residue and debris, before the cold hits too hard – no-one wants to be standing in the rain trying to carry out that job.

3. Ensure the cover is in good condition

Give your hot tub cover a good check over for any tearing or damage. Your hot tub cover is essential to keeping the cold out and the heat in. Any slight damage can cause a significant loss of heat and result in a large energy bill.

Once you’ve ticked off the above you’re ready to go, but we’d highly recommend you also check the following on a regular basis, until the sunshine returns.

4. Ongoing maintenance

It’s really important to continue with your maintenance routines even if you’re not using your hot tub as frequently during winter. Make sure you regularly check Ph levels and sanitise your hot tub.

5. Check the temperature

During the cold weather it’s important to regularly check the temperature of your Jacuzzi hot tub using a hot tub thermometer to ensure your heater is working properly.

6. Turn the temperature up

Turn the temperature up on your hot tub by a few degrees during the winter months to counteract falling temperatures outside. Turning it up by just a few degrees won’t increase your energy bills by a huge amount, particularly if you’ve also invested in a good hot tub cover.

7. Activate freeze protection systems

As the temperature drops your hot tub can be at risk from damage, such as freezing pipes. Activating your freeze protection systems will help to maintain a constant water temperature whilst protecting your pipes from becoming frozen.

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