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Christmas and year end always come with a mountain of stress, whether it’s wrapping up work, organising your overseas trip or anticipating the annual visit from the in-laws. As a method to relieve stress and tension, you may or may not have tried reflexology, which is an alternative treatment which involves applying physical pressure onto specific points of the feet, hands and ears. According to reflexology principles, these targeted points act as mirrors for other parts of the body, which are in turn stimulated.


Reflexology is used around the world to help relieve stress and anxiety and is also used as a complementary treatment to alleviate other ailments, such as asthma, cardiovascular issues and headaches. Depending on the ailment, a reflexologist may choose to target a specific area of the body.

For example, someone who experiences regular headaches may benefit from the targeting of reflex points that correspond with the head or brain on the reflexology ‘map’. However, reflexology is more commonly used to treat general health conditions. Appropriate pressure is applied to reflexology points to create a response from the body. The nervous system is effectively stimulated from the inside out to relieve tension in the body.


Hydrotherapy is another complementary treatment that is used to relieve tension and stress, and if combined with reflexology can have an impressive effect on mind and body.  Using the movement of warm or cold water, the body is stimulated and relaxed, resulting in increased blood circulation, detoxification and stress relief.

Selected Jacuzzi models have powerful jets that target specific pressure points used in reflexology, combining the healing attributes of reflexology and hydrotherapy. Powerful foot jets massage all areas of the feet, simulating a general reflexology treatment that targets reflex areas in the body. In addition to these reflexology foot mounts, additional jets are specially positioned to target the palms and wrists, easing aches and releasing blocked energy. For the office worker, these jets are ideal for alleviating the discomfort associated with carpel tunnel syndrome.

Dedicated central foot mounds are found in the Jacuzzi J-365, J-470, J-480 and J-495 models. However, most of the Jacuzzis in the J300 and J400 series have powerful foot jets to target reflexology points. Chat to one of the friendly experts at Euphoria Lifestyle for more information on hydrotherapy or visit our showroom to find a Jacuzzi that best suits your needs.