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12 Transformative Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas In Sussex

When was the last time you updated your garden landscaping?

Whether you’ve just invested in a new hot tub and are eagerly awaiting its delivery, or are looking for new ways to breathe new life into your existing outdoor space, you’ve come to the right place!

Your garden should be a retreat from the outside world—a place where you return to and recharge after a long day.

Your garden spa plays an important role in this, helping you get outside and melt away the stress of your day beneath its welcoming waters.

The various elements throughout your space can have a significant impact on the emotions you feel when you step outside your door, and we want to help you find the perfect mixture to capture your vision.

Read on to discover our top twelve hot tub landscaping ideas!

12 Captivating Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden Oasis

Let’s get right into the reason you’re here: to discover dreamy hot tub landscaping ideas to renew your garden’s appeal and create a space you crave escaping to!

Each landscaping element offers certain advantages, with some providing ample privacy, while others enhance the overall benefits of your spa sessions.

Below, you’ll find various hot tub landscaping ideas that fit into four categories, helping you curate your garden space to fit your every need.

Let’s get started!

hot tub landscaping ideas - hot tub with LED lighting next to a deck

To Enhance Safety…

First and foremost, let’s cover the topic of safety.

If you enjoy a luxurious soak after sundown, gazing at the stars while the jets ease weary muscles into submission, you’ll want to ensure you have proper precautions in place to ensure evening safety.

Build a Pathway

Getting to and from your spa at all hours of the day is a must, and while trudging the few steps across your grass may seem harmless, every particle that clings to your feet will inevitably end up in your water.

A pathway will help ensure you’re not adding any unnecessary contaminants to your spa water, reducing maintenance needs, and keeping your water fresh and clear longer.

Furthermore, a well-designed pathway can help enhance the overall aesthetic of your garden, adding an extra layer of dimension.

Add Some Lighting

Another important safety feature for evening soaks is lighting to ensure you and your guests can easily navigate your garden.

If you’ve opted to add a pathway, adding some solar-powered pathway lights along its perimeter is a perfect way to enhance safety while increasing the ambience of your space.

Depending on your chosen aesthetic, you may also gravitate towards elegant lamp posts, colourful LED light strips, or subtle lanterns strategically placed around your spa.

Include Custom Steps

Sure, the steps that you can buy for your spa may match your cabinet perfectly. However, if you wanted to take this even further, you could give your spa a major makeover with custom steps.

For a minimalist design, you could opt for wide wooden planks stretching across one entire side of your spa, with gentle underlighting to give them a floating appearance after dark.

Or, if you’re looking for something slightly more edgy, you may prefer natural stone steps wrapping around the entirety of your cabinet.

There are plenty of ways to make this element truly shine.

hot tub landscaping ideas - hot tub under pergola

To Maximise Privacy…

Do you often find yourself worrying about potential prying eyes from neighbouring homes?

These hot tub landscaping ideas can help solve that, putting your mind at ease to maximise your relaxation day or night.

Stone or Wood Panel Walls

Adding custom walls around one or more sides of your spa can be a captivating way to add privacy while levelling up your garden design.

These walls can add a boost of elegance to your space and can be placed on any side of your spa, ensuring you can add privacy exactly where you need it.

Better yet, this is a great DIY project to take on yourself, designing something truly unique to speak to your unique style.

Plant Covered Trellises

If you’re envisioning something more lush, adding some trellises around your spa may be just what you need.

With their criss-cross design, you can easily add hanging plants, weave ivy through sections, or even add some potted herbs!

Not only is this a great way to add some much-needed privacy, but it can also increase the stress relief you experience during your spa sessions!

Pergolas or Gazebos

Pergolas and gazebos are some of the most popular structures to add privacy to your garden space.

With their various designs, your customisation options become virtually endless, allowing for flowing curtains, wood panel walls, or privacy screens to enhance privacy further.

For something more modern that provides extra accessibility, consider opting for a Covana Cover or a Remanso Luxury Electric Pergola.

Both of these products offer full control of your privacy, featuring an automated design for you to open and close with the press of a button!

hot tub landscaping ideas - hot tub on patio under a pergola

To Add Ambiance…

Your hot tub should be a soothing retreat that engages your every sense.

Adding elements to enhance the ambience of your space can have a powerful effect on how you feel once you step through your door.

Water Features

While your hot tub may feature a flowing waterfall, not every model does, and you may be looking for a way to add this relaxing sound to your evening soaks.

Adding a waterfall feature around your spa, or nearby can tantalise your senses as you close your eyes and listen to the gentle flow of water over rocks nearby.

String Lights

Strings lights or dainty fairy lights can add a bit of subtle romance to your space, transforming your garden oasis into an intimate paradise after sunset.

Not only do they help set the tone for your evening soak, helping to calm your mind, but they also add a dose of safety to your space.

Outdoor Sound Systems

Music can be a powerful addition to your spa sessions, helping create the atmosphere you want to indulge in.

Toss on a soothing playlist to ease your mind and help increase your overall relaxation, or turn up the tunes of your favourite party playlist during a hot tub party!

Look for sound systems that are specifically designed for outdoor use, and tuck them around your spa, hidden under shrubs, to maintain a seamless aesthetic.

hot tub landscaping ideas - hot tub surrounded with plants and hanging lights

To Add a Flare of Colour

Finally, let’s discuss the topic of colour!

The colours in your space can have a significant impact on your emotional response when you enter your garden.

Choosing the right colours not only adds a visual appeal but also an emotional one.

Cosy Patio Seating

Your spa isn’t the only place in your garden that can become a cosy escape.

With some carefully selected outdoor furniture lined with plush pillows of your chosen colour, you can enjoy a comfortable place to host and entertain, while adding some personality to your space.

Aromatic Plants

While we’ve touched on the topic of greenery in previous sections of this article, aromatic plants are in a league of their own!

Not only can they add a healthy dose of colour to your garden paradise, but they also have the added benefit of adding all-natural aromatherapy to your every spa session.

Remember those herbs we mentioned tossing into your trellis? While both practical and kitchen-friendly, they also fill the air with gentle scents to lull you into relaxation.

But that’s not the only way to achieve this added benefit.

Consider adding potted lavender plants nearby or planting jasmine bushes around one side of your spa.

With their dense foliage, jasmine bushes can add an additional layer of privacy, while the white buds fill the air with an invigorating scent that can give you a burst of energy!

A Spa Side Fire Table

Last on our list is a stunning entertainment feature that can add a gentle hue of flickering orange to your garden while you soak beneath the warmth of your spa.

This two-in-one feature adds a beautiful level of ambience to your space, but can also keep kids entertained as they roast marshmallows over its open flame.

Better yet, your guests will love the cosy appeal these tables bring to your evening gatherings!

Bring Your Sussex Garden to Life with Euphoria Lifestyle

Your spa can become far more than simply a place to relax.

With the right combination of elements, you can transform your space, making your hot tub a pinnacle of relaxation that leaves guests captivated by its stunning beauty.

Whether you found the perfect hot tub landscaping ideas throughout this blog, or are suddenly dreaming of adding a luxury hot tub to your garden, the experts at Euphoria Lifestyle are here to help.

With our range of premium home leisure essentials and expert knowledge, pure bliss is right through our front doors.

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