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10 Best Ideas For Hot Tub Privacy To Create a Secluded oasis

Having a luxurious garden to escape to has become a coveted desire for many! Between overwhelming responsibilities, unprecedented levels of connectivity, and each day seeming shorter than the last, creating a secluded oasis has never been more appealing.

For many, adding a hot tub to their garden is near the top of their wish list. They add luxury and create a space that can rival a private resort right in your garden!

Planning the garden of your dreams is exciting and often begins with a thrilling online search for the perfect ideas for hot tub privacy, so you can be sure your garden has maximum seclusion.

This article has everything you need!

We’ve put together a list of the top ten hot tub privacy ideas that can make your garden the perfect escape after a long day!

The 10 Best Ideas For Hot Tub Privacy

1. Plant a Luscious Garden

When you’re designing your garden, adding plants can be a helpful addition, providing pops of colour, a natural barrier from the outside world, and a lively outdoor space.

Even more, did you know plants can support your emotional well-being?

It’s true! Plants have been shown to have significant impacts on stress levels, causing a reduction in blood pressure and promoting feelings of comfort and calm.

Choosing what plants you’d like to include in your outdoor space may seem daunting with so many options available, but some may offer more benefits than others. Our top list of plants that provide privacy and have additional benefits include:

  • Jasmine Bushes
  • Bamboo
  • Lavender
  • Ivy
  • Boxwood Shrubs
  • Privet Hedges
  • Arborvitae

These plants offer a variety of benefits and can be mixed and matched to create a lush, private garden around your hot tub!

Jasmine is a quick-growing plant, and its flowers give off a pleasant fragrance, adding natural aromatherapy to your spa sessions. This bush is dense and can easily keep peering eyes at bay.

Bamboo is an excellent option if you’re looking for something exotic and fast-growing. These tall green plants can be trimmed to create various levels, adding a layer of dimension to your garden while creating a vibrant green fence.

Lavender is another aromatherapy plant, and with its bright purple flowers, it can add a pop of colour to your garden.

Ivy is a powerful climbing plant and can create a living wall as it climbs up your fence or walls. As they grow, they’ll become dense enough to provide full coverage from the outside world.

Boxwood shrubs and privet hedges are both thick, bushy plants that can add maximum privacy to your garden. Boxwood can be trimmed into shapes, making it versatile for any space, while privet hedges flower in the spring, adding vibrant colour around your hot tub.

For a taller option, consider planting arborvitae. These thick trees may not grow very fast but are a popular choice for people looking for maximum privacy and a living fence appeal.

2. Make a Statement with a Pergola

Pergolas can be a great way to add some privacy to your garden.

Many pergolas are made of wood, giving your garden a cosy feel. They often have an open roof, so if you have neighbours in multistory homes, it may be best to consider covering the roof. This would also provide you with protection from the elements while using your hot tub.

Add flowing curtains to all sides of your pergola to give it a beach resort feel and increase privacy when the curtains are drawn. You can also consider adding a climbing plant like ivy to grow up the legs and cover the top of the pergola, adding a natural ceiling, maximising privacy with a pop of colour.

3.  Invest In a Covana Hot Tub Cover

Covana hot tub covers have become a coveted option for many who want more privacy while using their hot tub and offer an ease of use only they can provide. These covers are fully automated, allowing you to lift the cover by simply turning a key!

With thick, durable roofs, these covers were designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather, making them suitable for nearly any climate.

This durability has also greatly extended the typical lifespan of hot tub covers, extending their lifetime to 15-20 years instead of the four or five year lifespan of traditional covers.

When it comes to privacy, these hot tubs offer a variety to meet your needs. Each model can be equipped with retractable sides, giving you customizable privacy on the sides you need.

For maximum coverage, the Covana Oasis hot tub cover acts as an automated gazebo, providing cover from three sides and a large peaked roof.

4. Get Creative With Privacy Screens

These screens can be a great, cost-effective way to add some privacy around your hot tub. They can be purchased from local stores or online, or you can find a DIY option online to make this a creative, family-friendly process!

These screens can be made to go around any side of your hot tub, giving you customizable privacy options. Spice up their style with bright colours, or create a classic vibe by adding a varnish to maintain the natural wood.

For something that goes unseen until you need it, consider a retractable privacy screen. These are easy to install and use, giving you the freedom to add privacy when you need it without the screen being a permanent fixture to your spa.

5. Consider a Gazebo

Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes and are a hot tub privacy solution that gives maximum coverage. With thick roofs and walls on all sides, your hot tub will be covered from all angles.

You can invest in one that has glass walls if you want visibility outdoors or find one that has solid wooden walls all around. For a more industrial style, you can consider investing in a gazebo that’s made of more durable metal.

Gazebos offer protection to more than just you. They also protect your hot tub against snow or rain, making it easier to maintain. This also gives you a way to enjoy a relaxing soak while you listen to the rain falling outside. Add some leafy plants, and you’ll easily create the illusion of bathing in the rainforest!

6. Create a Chic Frosted Glass Barrier

Frosted glass can be an attractive way to add some privacy to your space, and it’s versatile enough to meet your unique style and needs.

If you have your hot tub on a raised deck, consider adding frosted glass panelling around it, creating a gorgeous barrier to the outside world.

If you have your hot tub on ground level, you could use frosted glass as your privacy screen, creating an elegant glass corner that adds privacy and style on two or three sides of your spa.

For an urban natural look, add frosted glass panels to your garden. The lush greenery surrounding the frosted glass will give your garden an elegant foggy appearance while offering privacy in the areas you need it.

7. Go Rustic With Stone Structures

Stone walls can be a powerful statement piece for your garden and add significant privacy to your space. Because stones come in a variety of natural colours, you can create a structure or wall that matches your aesthetic.

Use brown or beige stones to create walls and archways around your hot tub for a classic European style. This can give your garden a boost of neutral colour and create a cosy atmosphere.

If you want a more modern, chic style, use dark grey stones around your spa. You can use them to add stairs leading up to the edge of your hot tub while also adding walls of varying heights to add privacy where you need it.

8. Create a Living Wall With a Trellis

Living walls are an elegant addition to any garden and offer both pops of colour as well as dense privacy.

Adding a trellis on multiple sides of your spa can provide you with customizable privacy while still giving you sides that are wide open to enjoy the view of your garden and the stars above during an evening spa session.

You can use hanging plants with vibrant flowers or opt for a climbing plant like ivy to slowly take over the entire trellis. If you love the smell of roses, you can even consider adding climbing roses to your trellis, creating a luscious boost of aromatherapy as you soak up the benefits of your hot tub!

9. Put Your Spa in a Corner

Your landscaping can offer natural options to add privacy as well. When first choosing where to place your hot tub, consider where in your garden may have the best privacy. Maybe it’s in the corner by your house, having your home act as a natural barrier on one side.

You may also already have fencing put up, offering a perfect corner for you to install your hot tub in, providing cover on two sides of your spa without any additional work.

Before installing your spa, consider what spots in your garden offer maximum privacy, then work on elevating it from there!

10. Consider an Indoor Hot Tub Installation

If you have a home that has space for an indoor hot tub, this is the ultimate way to create the perfect secluded oasis! Your hot tub will be protected from both prying eyes and the outside elements, making it easy to care for and even easier to relax!

When installing your hot tub indoors, make sure there is plenty of ventilation, so the steam can escape the room and the off-gassing of your water treatment products doesn’t build up in the space.

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