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How to Improve the Privacy of Your Outdoor Hot Tub

Are you the proud owner of an outdoor hot tub? If so, you’re likely all too familiar with the joy that a garden spa can bring you. With your hot tub being installed outside, some homeowners may feel that their garden space needs a little more privacy.

Enjoy your privacy with confidence the next time you soak. Use these helpful tips and garden ideas to improve the seclusion of your outdoor space.

Add a Gazebo

Installing a gazebo overtop of your hot tub can help you to maximize your outdoor living space in a number of ways. Starting, with added privacy. Many gazebos come equipped with shutters, curtains or pillars that can improve the seclusion of your spa. A gazebo can also help to protect your hot tub from the elements.

Rain, snow or shine, you can enjoy an invigorating hot tub soak with help from your gazebo. Not to mention that gazebos can add style to a garden space. This helps to create a dedicated area to relaxation that meets your every need.

Incorporate Nature

When in doubt, turn to nature! Head to your local outdoor living store or garden centre for a wide selection of trees, bushes and other solutions that can help you to improve the privacy of your garden.

We suggest cedar shrubs, as they can grow quite tall and thick. This can effectively provide both your spa and garden with the privacy that you deserve.

Another solution that involves nature is a garden trellis. Once installed near your hot tub, simply add a variety of vine plants that will climb up the trellis and provide your spa with seclusion.

Install an Outdoor Sound System

Have you considered installing an outdoor sound system within your garden? Enjoy the soothing sounds of a peaceful playlist or queue a variety of songs that will keep the party going all night long.

The next time that you’re relaxing with a significant other or catching up with old friends, simply turn on some music to muffle your voices. If your neighbours are relaxing in their garden spaces as well, it will be less likely that they can overhear your conversation with a little music in the mix.

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