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How To Keep Your Spa Water Clean – 5 Tips & Tricks

You’re probably an old hand at balancing your hot tub water and doing routine maintenance. But we have some terrific tricks up our sleeves to make that maintenance a little bit easier.

Read on to learn some clever hacks on how you can help keep your spa water sparkling clean.

5 Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Spa Water

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1. Use Tennis Balls to Attract Dirt

Tennis balls are good for so much more than sports. They’re the ideal remedy for excess dirt.

Simply add some tennis balls to your spa’s skimmer or directly to your spa’s water. The fuzzy material of the balls acts like Velcro for residue and grime. It literally traps oils from lotions and soaps that slip off your body into the water, keeping your water clear.

Changing the balls on a regular basis can save you money on spa chemicals because your water won’t require as much to stay balanced.

2. Shower Before You Soak

One of the best ways to keep your spa water clean is to keep dirt, oil, and debris from getting into the water in the first place. This can easily be done by having a quick shower before each soak.

This can help to wash away oil and dirt from your skin and hair, while at the same time rinsing any soap residue from your bathing suit.

3. Schedule Spa Service

What better way to maintain your spa, than with the help of a spa service professional? You can schedule maintenance when needed or have a technician visit your home on a regular basis to inspect, clean, and repair your hot tub or swim spa when needed.

4. Make a Schedule

One of the top reasons why a hot tub doesn’t stay clean is a lack of cleaning. Keep on top of your spa maintenance schedule to prevent the water from getting dirty in the first place.

We suggest marking your calendar or setting reminders on your mobile phone to help keep you on track. The longer you stick to a spa maintenance schedule, the easier it will become.

5. Wear a Hat

If you’re wondering how a hat can keep your spa water clean, we have two words for you: long hair. Putting long hair up is not always enough to keep it from getting into the water.

And, if a lot of hair falls into your spa, the buildup from shampoo, oil and other products can impact the water’s chemistry. By putting long hair up under a hat, you can keep hair out of the water.

With these handy suggestions, your spa maintenance routine can become a whole lot easier.

Do’s & Don’ts

As a spa owner, it’s important to immerse yourself in what you should and should not do with your hot tub. Here is a list to help you get started or provide a refresher!


  • Test your spa water regularly
  • Rinse off before using the hot tub
  • Change the water every 3-4 months
  • Tie your hair back while inside the spa
  • Add spa-friendly aromatherapy products
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Listen to music, read a book and relax!


  • Don’t allow the water temperature to raise above 104 degrees F
  • Don’t let children soak in the spa without supervision
  • Don’t use the hot tub for more than 30-45 minutes at a time (without taking a break)
  • Don’t use glass or breakable cups, wine glasses, etc.
  • Don’t forget a towel!

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If cleaning and regular maintenance isn’t cutting it, or you notice that something isn’t working quite right, you may require hot tub service. Here are some tell-tale signs to help you determine if you need help from a professional.