4 Outdoor Spa Décor Tips for This Spring & Summer

With the spring and summer seasons comes the urge to spend time in your garden. Especially when your garden has a hot tub or all-season pool installation.

Once you’ve brought your garden spa back to life, you can decorate with the latest trends. In this article, we list helpful spa decor tips to help you make the most of your garden this season.

1. Create a Consistent Aesthetic for Your Spa Area

When decorating your garden and spa installation, we suggest thinking about the area as a whole. Start with permanent fixtures and areas. Such as your deck, patio, landscape, hot tub, all-season pool, and your home itself.

The colours, textures and styles of these permanent fixtures should all be taken into consideration when adding décor.

Outdoor furniture can be easily matched to the shell and cabinetry of your spa. Along with your deck and patio area as well. Once your garden is furnished, you can begin to think about the creature comforts that will complete the space. This can include outdoor carpets, couch cushions, throw pillows, wooden signs, and other furnishings.

Mismatched styles can lead to a cluttered, unsightly and overwhelming garden area that clashes. Ensure all elements of your garden flow evenly from one to another to achieve a much more complete, consistent and balanced garden.

2. Find a Balance Between Comfort and Style

When decorating your garden, you may opt for the most stylish of furnishings and accessories. While your space may achieve a modern and stylish appeal, you may be risking the comfort and functionality of the space. As good as a certain chair or patio set may look, if it isn’t comfortable, you’re less likely to use it.

When shopping for furnishings and décor, take some time to test them out. It’s all about finding that perfect balance of comfort and style, so that you not only love to look at it but love to use it too.

3. Invest in Long-Lasting Décor

When bringing together your outdoor living space, you want to invest in accessories and décor that will last. After all of the hard work to bring the space together and make it truly yours, the last thing you want to do is replace your décor before you’ve had a chance to really enjoy it.

While a smaller price tag may be attractive, this can often be a tell-tale sign of poor craftsmanship or products that are not really built to last, especially when it’s kept outside against the elements.

4. Keep It Simple

When it comes to your garden and outdoor living space, less is more. Too many decorations, accessories or furnishings can quickly lead to a space that looks crowded and cluttered.

By investing in the bare essentials and minimal décor, you can create a stylish space that serves its purpose for years to come.

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