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Why Your Hot Tub Is Worth The Wait – Euphoria Lifestyle

We here at Euphoria Lifestyle know that our hot tubs are often purchased for the myriad health benefits they offer.

They can help to promote a healthy mind and body, with many ways to relax, reduce stress, and even lose weight. Today we will see the reasons why your hot tub is worth the wait.

Improved Health and Wellness

Whether the Aquavia Spas or Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs brand, regular-sized hot tubs are wonderful for relaxing as the jets and bubble ease aches and pains in soothing warm water. You can even add essential oils to them and have the added benefits of aromatherapy!

Aside from being a great way to spend quality time with friends and family and elevate garden space, hot tubs are a long-term investment as they add a lot of value to a property.

Hot tubs are also great for stretching. As the spa’s heat warms your muscles, they become more pliable, and you have a greater range of motion due to the buoyancy of the water.

Stretching and balancing are also less of an effort as the water’s support mean that your body only bears up to 20% of its weight.

Comfortable Hot Tub Exercises

The DualStream SwimExpert swim spa (also known as an all-weather pool or exercise pool) offers weight loss benefits. Aside from all the perks of a regular hot tub, swim spas have water jet propulsion so that you can swim laps in place.

The resistance provided by the jets can be adjusted to suit your fitness level and allows you to gradually build up your endurance. This way, although they are far smaller than a pool, they allow for the same health benefits. This is on top of heated water and jet massage, so they offer a great workout and a delightful de-stress in the same tub.

While swim spas are traditionally used for swimming stationary laps, that isn’t your only option. Your spa is also equipped with rowing and resistance bands. Although the equipment may not come with the spa, it will be an add-on option available for purchase.

Those are not the only options, however. You can walk, jog, do aerobics, do hot tub yoga, and even lift weights with water dumbbells.

Reasons Why Your Hot Tub Is Worth The Wait

Although the pandemic may be slowing down how fast we want to get your hot tub or swim spa to you, we hope that you can remember why your hot tub is worth the wait.

The many benefits and pleasures your hot tub will bring to not only you, but your loved ones are what awaits you when it arrives. All it takes is to wait a few weeks or months for years of enjoyment.

While waiting for your hot tub, you may wish to plan workouts, schedule periods of de-stressing, or perhaps look into ways to give your hot tub more privacy.

A fun project that will add even more to your hot tub sessions is outdoor spa décor for your garden, to ensure that your time spent in your garden spa is that much more beautiful.

Whatever you do, we hope this article helps to remind you why your hot tub is worth the wait!

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