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Buying A Hot Tub

Nothing is more relaxing after a long day than sitting in your very own Jacuzzi hot tub or spa. A hot tub can soothe away the stress of everyday worries, as well as relieve the aches and pains that are sometimes the result of physical activity.

However, buying a Jacuzzi hot tub can also result in a lot of stress and headaches. So to help you make an informed decision, here are a couple of tips on how to buy the best hot tub for you and your family.


The reputation of the hot tub manufacturer and dealer are your assurance of reliability, durability and service after the sale, and should be among your primary considerations when shopping for a hot tub. Here are a few questions to ask your local dealer:

  • How long has the manufacturer been in business?
  • Is the manufacturer certified and well known?
  • How long has the dealer been in business? Do they have positive local reviews?
  • Have they won any awards or received industry recognition?


Often one of the most important aspects of a hot tub purchase, hot tub warranties are often over-looked. A hot tub is a major investment so you should make certain that your investment is well protected during its lifetime.

A product warranty is a performance and reliability agreement between you and the manufacturer. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s warranty before buying, and compare coverage with other hot tubs you are considering.  Here are a few questions to ask your local dealer:

  • What spa parts are covered under warranty and for how long?
  • How does the manufacturer’s warranty compare with other hot tub brands? Are there undesirable limitations or exclusions?

Be sure to read the fine print. Typically, you will find the following hot tub warranty categories:

  • Shell – protects against structural damage or cracks that cause water loss
  • Exterior Shell Surface – protects the shell surface against blistering, peeling, cracking, fading, or delaminating
  • Plumbing – protects against leaks in plumbing components
  • Equipment – protects the equipment and controls in the hot tub

Be sure your dealer has a service relationship with the hot tub manufacturer. You want a dealer that will not only stand behind the product, but will also provide technical support if needed.


There’s more to a hot tub than hot water. Consider the features that are built-in or can be added that will enhance your spa experience. Look for a hot tub that meets your needs. You want to be sure to get the precise massage you want, the right number of seats, and the size that fits your space. Here are a few questions to ask your local dealer:

  • Double check that the hot tub is built entertainment ready, so you can add a music system or TV at any time, even after you’ve purchased the Jacuzzi.
  • Can you customize the hot tub with a faux stone cabinet or surround the spa with whatever material you desire?
  • Does the spa have additional lighting besides just an underwater light?


Hot tub prices vary for many reasons. They correspond to features, materials used and overall craftsmanship. As with any other purchase, buying a hot tub is about value. What’s important is that you buy a hot tub that meets your personal needs and desires, and one that is well built, reliable, and well equipped for the money you spend. It’s about getting the finest, most enjoyable product relative to your investment. Compare hot tubs feature-to-feature, then compare prices. Jacuzzi celebrates 55 years this year. As the inventor of the world’s first portable hot tubs and self-contained whirlpool spas, Jacuzzi is the name that defines the hot tub experience.


Before you purchase your hot tub it is important to test it out. Euphoria Lifestyle offers private wet test sessions where you can test out your favourite hot tub.  Listen to how the hot tub sounds and make sure you fit comfortably within the seats.

We hope these tips helped you, remember to take your time and have fun hot tub shopping.