Buying a Hot Tub – Your Ultimate 2024 Hot Tub Buying Guide

Nothing is more relaxing after a long day than sitting in your very own Jacuzzi®️ hot tub or spa. A hot tub can soothe away the stress of everyday worries, as well as relieve the aches and pains that are sometimes the result of physical activity.

However, buying a hot tub can also result in a lot of stress and headaches. So, to help you make an informed decision, here are a couple of tips on how to buy the best hot tub for you and your family.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Hot Tub

Before we explore how to select your perfect spa, let’s cover the five most important factors to consider as you move through the hot tub buying process.


The reputation of the hot tub manufacturer and dealer are your assurance of reliability, durability and service after the sale, and should be among your primary considerations when shopping for a hot tub. Here are a few questions to ask your local dealer:

  • How long has the manufacturer been in business?
  • Is the manufacturer certified and well known?
  • How long has the dealer been in business? Do they have positive local reviews?
  • Have they won any awards or received industry recognition?


Often one of the most important aspects of a hot tub purchase, hot tub warranties are often over-looked. A hot tub is a major investment so you should make certain that your investment is well protected during its lifetime.

A product warranty is a performance and reliability agreement between you and the manufacturer. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s warranty before buying, and compare coverage with other hot tubs you are considering.  Here are a few questions to ask your local dealer:

  • What spa parts are covered under warranty and for how long?
  • How does the manufacturer’s warranty compare with other hot tub brands? Are there undesirable limitations or exclusions?

Be sure to read the fine print. Typically, you will find the following hot tub warranty categories:

  • Shell – protects against structural damage or cracks that cause water loss
  • Exterior Shell Surface – protects the shell surface against blistering, peeling, cracking, fading, or delaminating
  • Plumbing – protects against leaks in plumbing components
  • Equipment – protects the equipment and controls in the hot tub

Be sure your dealer has a service relationship with the hot tub manufacturer. You want a dealer that will not only stand behind the product, but will also provide technical support if needed.


There’s more to a hot tub than hot water. Consider the features that are built-in or can be added that will enhance your spa experience. Look for a hot tub that meets your needs.

You want to be sure to get the precise massage you want, the right number of seats, and the size that fits your space. Here are a few questions to ask your local dealer:

  • Can you customize the hot tub with a faux stone cabinet or surround the spa with whatever material you desire?
  • Does the spa have additional lighting besides just an underwater light?
  • What kind of jets does this hot tub have?
  • Are there any notable features that would be difficult to find on other models?


Hot tub prices vary for many reasons. They correspond to features, materials used and overall craftsmanship. As with any other purchase, buying a hot tub is about value.

What’s important is that you buy a hot tub that meets your personal needs and desires and one that is well-built, reliable, and well-equipped for the money you spend. It’s about getting the finest, most enjoyable product relative to your investment. Compare hot tubs feature-to-feature, then compare prices.

As the inventor of the world’s first portable hot tubs and self-contained whirlpool spas, Jacuzzi®️ is the name that defines the hot tub experience and should certainly be on your list of considerations.


Before you purchase your hot tub it’s important to test it out. While not all hot tub dealerships offer wet testing, Euphoria Lifestyle offers private wet test sessions where you can test out our hot tubs to get a better sense of whether it’s the right fit for you.  Listen to how the hot tub sounds and make sure you fit comfortably within the seats.

buying a hot tub - hot tub in garden

How to Choose the Right Hot Tub

Before you jump on the Internet to start spa shopping, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you take home a high-quality hot tub.

This to-do list will keep you on track in your quest for the perfect spa.

1. Set a Hot Tub Budget

Before any shopping begins — and that counts browsing on the Internet — it’s important to put a budget in place. This will keep you on track and prevent you from setting your heart on a spa that’s outside your price range.

We recommend setting an ideal price as well as a firm maximum price.

While the goal is to look at spas that fall in the range of your ideal price, having that financial cushion will allow you to add on extra features or accessories that you really want.

2. Take Stock of Your Space

This is another crucial step before starting to shop. Knowing where you’re going to install your spa and how much space you have to do so could impact the size and style of hot tubs you look at. If you have a large, wide-open deck or patio, then the sky’s the limit when it comes to the size and shape of your spa.

If you’re working in a smaller setting, however, it’s always a good idea to measure your space and then refer to the recorded dimensions once you begin shopping. This ensures you don’t waste your time looking at units that are too big.

3. Choose a Size for Your Spa

If you are dealing with a tight space, that alone will govern what hot tub size you can have.

If, however, space is not a factor, you can choose your spa size based on how many people will be using it on a regular basis. As much as you might like the look of a large spa, if you don’t have enough bottoms to fill the seats, then you’ll be paying to heat a much larger spa than you need for the next decade.

That’s why we recommend matching size to a number of users. Small to average-size families do well with four- to five-seat spas, while two-seaters are perfect for couples and singles. Large families and those who often host a lot of friends are best served by spas with six or more seats.

4. Think About Your Needs

What is your main motivation for purchasing a spa? Is it social? Relaxation? Pain relief? Once you know what’s important to you, you’re better able to match up spa features with what you’re hoping to achieve.

Jot down your wish list and take it with you once you start shopping. Along with your budget, space, and size requirements, your local dealership will have all of the information they need to help you find the perfect spa for your home.

The Best Small Hot Tubs for a Small Garden

Is your garden on the smaller side? With the right plan and design, you can create an oasis built for relaxation in the smallest of garden areas.

At first, this might sound like a pipe dream, but you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a wide range of hot tubs in different sizes, including smaller units that could beautifully complement your garden. Let’s explore two exceptional small hot tubs.

small hot tub - jacuzzi j-225

J-225™ Hot Tub

This classic 4-5-person hot tub offers users a top-tier soaking experience with luxurious open seating. With 26 powerful hydrotherapy jets, you can engage in a soothing hydromassage whenever you please.

As a mid-size spa, this hot tub is recommended for families with kids, as it has a little more wiggle room to accommodate additional users.

Features include:

  • Classic and rotational jets
  • Ergonomic seats and design
  • LED exterior and interior lighting
  • Spacious open seating design

Learn more about the J-225™ Model today!

3 person hot tub - guide for buying a hot tub

J-315™ Model

This intimate spa is perfect for small spaces, including both gardens and patios. With seating for two to three adults, you can spend time comfortably in the spa by yourself, with a significant other or a couple of friends.

Features include:

  • 23 jets
  • Comfortable lounge seat
  • Massage pillow
  • Energy-efficient technology
  • Full-foam insulation
  • Soothing waterfall
  • ProFinish cabinetry

Learn more about the J-315™ Spa today!

Large Hot Tubs for Spacious Relaxation

If you have a larger outdoor space, we have a list of hot tubs that would make the perfect addition. Whether you’re spending time with family or hosting a party with your closest friends, these hot tubs are sure to impress.

large hot tub with lounge seating - guide to buying a hot tub

J-LXL® Hot Tub

Equipped with energy-efficient technology and an ultra-comfortable lounge seat, the J-LXL® hot tub is the perfect 6-person hot tub for a large garden space. Between the ergonomic interior, advanced red light technology and stylish exterior, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better hot tub for your garden.

Enjoy features such as:

  • 39 strategically placed jets
  • PowerPro®, FX and RX jets
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • LED perimeter and underwater lighting
  • Illuminated waterfall
  • IR + Red Light Therapy

Learn more about the J-LXL®️ Model today!

large hot tub from Jacuzzi - hot tub buying guide

J-475™ Spa

Meet the J-475™ model, a large designer hot tub with a luxurious lounge seat. Large enough to accommodate five to six people comfortably for a relaxing evening or just one person for a low-impact exercise session.

Enjoy features such as:

  • 55 jets
  • Lounge seat
  • Extra-wide illuminated waterfall
  • RX Jet Therapy Lounge Seat
  • FX Therapy Seat
  • IR + Red Light Therapy

Learn more about the J-475™ Jacuzzi® Hot Tub today!

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