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4 Reasons You Need a Sauna in Your Life

If you want to live a long, happy life, it’s time to start sweating.

In the sauna, that is!

If you’re not quite sure what a sauna is, or how it works, then read on for more! In this article, we take a look at the top four benefits of regular sauna bathing, and why you need one in your life!

What is a Sauna?

Did you know that sauna is the ancient Finnish word for ‘bathhouse’?

It describes a small room or building where dry or wet heat sessions are experienced. Typically, the room is heated to between 70 to 100°C (158 to 212°F), to help induce large amounts of heavy sweating.

Pouring ladles of water over the rocks produces steam, which raises the overall temperature and lowers the humidity, making the heat tolerable. 

Whether you opt for a conventional sauna that uses wood, gas or electric stoves or an infrared cabin, sitting in a sauna at least once a week will help invigorate the body and soul.

1. Helps You Live Longer

According to a long-term study involving 2,300 Finnish sauna users, time spent in a sauna was found to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by 50% and mortality from cardiac events by 65%.

A reduction in overall death rate was also observed. On average, those who used the sauna every day or every other day lived longer than those who had only a weekly session.

Isn’t this reason enough?

2. Cleanses the Skin

Great news if you’re acne prone!

The deep sweating associated with the sauna is a great way to remove dead skin cells and clean your pores from the inside out. The build-up of bacteria and toxins that can cause bad skin are flushed from the epidermis and removed with the sweat.

Regular sweating is also an effective way to ward off wrinkles and sagging skin, as it can help prevent the breakdown of collagen.

3. Removes Toxic Waste

If you want to undergo a painless body detox, this is the way to do it! Most people don’t sweat regularly or deeply enough, which can lead to a buildup of toxins in the body.

The sweat you produce cools the body and is primarily made of water. However, the deep sweating that occurs when you’re in a sauna releases mineral such as nickel, mercury, lead, copper, and zinc, removing toxic waste from your body in one fell swoop!

4. Relieves Stress

Feeling stressed out? One of the best benefits of sitting in a hot sauna is how relaxed it makes you feel. After all, it’s too warm to do anything else! Saunas help the body switch off the “fight or flight” mode by releasing endorphins, allowing for the body to de-stress, rest, and heal.

The best part? This state of relaxation can last long after you’ve exited the sauna, helping you to feel calm all day.

Now you understand the benefits of sweating it out in the sauna, isn’t it time you considered adding one to your home? Contact our experts at Euphoria Lifestyle today to get started.

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