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The ££ Price Range

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Hot Tubs in the ££ Price Range

Available in a variety of sizes, our mid-tier hot tubs are all about affordable quality and can accommodate anywhere from two people all the way up to six. These mid-tier hot tubs have more jets per seat than their entry-level counterparts as well as more customization options and a larger variety of shapes and styles.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs in this price range may include PowerPro® Jets, FX Jets, BX “bubbler” jets or a jetted foot dome as well as brighter lighting and an LED-enhanced Water Rainbow. Options may include the Aquasound Stereo System equipped with an auxiliary MP3/iPort jack and the advanced ProClear® Ozonator, used to improve water quality and reduce chemical usage. Our mid-tier spas, which start at £7,249, are ideal for anyone looking for some extra options and upgrades, but with the goal of keeping their budget conservative.

The Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs in this price range offer a lot of value for the money and can accommodate most sizing needs. If you need more relaxation in your life, our experts at Euphoria Lifestyle can help. Located in West Sussex, our award-winning dealership always puts the customer first. With a variety of high quality hot tubs for sale, we’re your top choice for hot tubs in the area. If you’d like to know more about our hot tub prices, send us a message or drop in at our London Road showroom.

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