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Sinking into hot water as strategically placed jets take care of those tense muscles is an ultimate stress reliever – it’s no wonder the Jacuzzi Hot Tub experience is so in demand! Being rejuvenated is not the only benefit of the spa experience however – it holds multiple health advantages, promotes better sleep and is ideal for catching up on social times.

Considering the value a hot tub adds to life, it makes sense that regular maintenance is necessary to keep the tub in pristine condition to deliver ongoing satisfaction.  Euphoria Lifestyle is passionate about helping you keep your spa in tip top shape. Besides offering a host of maintenance services, we have the following recommendations for a healthy tub:


Your main daily priority when looking after your hot tub is to ensure that your pH and sanitizer levels are correct:

–  Test the PH levels of the water with a colour-coded strip – they should be between 7.2 and 7.6 with the total alkalinity between 120-180ppm.

–  For sanitization, we recommend using Bromine or Chlorine. Chlorine levels should fall between 3.5 mg/l (ppm) while Bromine should fall between 4-6 mg/l (ppm).

–  The most effective way of adjusting your hot tub chemicals is to leave 2 hours in between adding chemicals to avoid a negative chemical reaction.

–  Quick tip: Yellow water is usually an indication that the pH or chlorine or bromine levels need to be adjusted.


When it comes to weekly maintenance, there are a few things to keep in mind with your main task being shocking:

–  Shock your spa: This means you will treat your spa with a suitable oxidiser to remove any combined chlorine or bromine accumulation in the in the spa water.  We recommend Jacuzzi Chlorine Shock at a dosage of 3-4 scoops per 1500l / water.

–  This should be added while the Jacuzzi hot tub pump is on. Remember to check, and if necessary adjust, the pH levels at least 24h after the shock. It is best to do the shock at night before going to bed so that no chemicals or people will be affected by it.

–  Clean the rim with Jacuzzi Surface Cleaner to keep it fresh and sanitized.

–  If you use your spa regularly, foaming can become an issue but is simply resolved by Jacuzzi No Foam once a week. Skin Care products are prone to cause foam – showering before using the hot tub will prevent this.

–  To prevent mineral build-up in your spa system, we recommend adding Jacuzzi No Scale to your spa on a weekly basis. If the water type in your area is not as saturated with minerals, this can be done on a monthly basis.



–  Clean the filter using Jacuzzi Filter Cleaner (measured at 10 scoops of powder per 18 litlres of water) and leave to soak overnight or for twenty-four hours before allowing to fully dry out before re-use.  This allows the surface area of the filter to recover and also any bacteria present will die during the drying process.  Keep a spare set of filters handy to use in the mean time.

–  Test the calcium hardness which should be between 100-200 MG/I. If the levels are not on track, add Jacuzzi Hardness Increaser to prevent the filter from encrusting.

–   Maintain your hot tub cover by washing it with soapy water, rinsing and drying before applying Jacuzzi Cover Cleaner to further prolong the cover’s life.  Ensure that the cover fits tightly over the spa to trap the heat effectively and in turn cut your energy bill.


–  The recommendation from BISHTA (www.bishta.co.uk) who set the safe standards for spa water care, and work closely alongside the HSE is that the spa water is changed at maximum every three months, regardless of use, with heavy use requiring more frequent water changes.

–  Give your filter a deep clean with Jacuzzi Filter Cleaner, leave to dry fully after rinsing, and rotate your spare set of filters into use!


–  Give some TLC to the synthetic cabinet around your Spa by cleaning it with Jacuzzi Shell Cleaner and / or re-sealing it withJacuzzi Cover Cleaner. Regular cleaning will to keep the cabinet looking good whilst having plenty of sun and water exposure.

–   Replace ClearRay Lamps.

–  Replace filter cartridges every 12-18 months maximum.

–  Consider an annual service – available from Euphoria all year round.


–   Replace your Ozonator (if not already superseded by ClearRay).


–  Spa covers and cover lifters need to be replaced every three – five years on average due to its exposure to sunlight, chemicals, water and steam.

If hassle-free maintenance is what you’re after, Euphoria offers the following services:

  • Specialised weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance contracts.
  • An optimal quarterly water change service.
  • An all-encompassing annual service.

These tips will allow you to get the most from your Jacuzzi hot tub experience. If you need any clarity on them, or more information on the services the Euphoria Lifestyle team has to offer, get a hold of us today.