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Sally Gunnell Interview

We have recently installed a new Jacuzzi® J-495 hot tub for Sally Gunnell OBE, DL and were delighted that Sally was happy to take time out and chat with us, giving feedback about her recent purchase and how she uses hydrotherapy personally and professionally in sport and wellness.

Sally has owned a Jacuzzi Global Brands’ hot tub for over 14 years and as the local supplier, Euphoria Lifestyle was approached by Sally and her team to upgrade the spa.  Sally decided on the J-495 model which is a large 8-9 person designer spa with the original patented Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ hydrotherapy jets.

For personal use, Sally and her family use the hot tub 3-4 times per week mainly for injury prevention and to ease the stress and strains of everyday hectic “conveyor belt” modern life – Sally has suffered from lower back pain and commented that she particularly enjoys the double bench seat in the J-495 which offers an intense lower back massage; helping to ease pain and enhance recovery. Sally adding that inflammation to the lower back and hip area is the proven cause of many other aches and pains in the human body.

A huge plus of the hot tub for the family has always been in spending quality time together, and how relaxing in each other’s company in a hot tub also enhances real conversations away from the typical smartphones and computer distractions of modern-day life (particularly with teenage children!) – this is a great aide to mental health and wellbeing – which Sally is now very actively involved in her work in corporate wellbeing and motivational speaking.

Together with husband Jon Bigg (a highly qualified coach and an experienced athlete) for Sally and the team, sport is a major part of family life – Jon’s elite group, who train around their West Sussex home, includes promising young athlete Charlie Grice.  For the elite athletes’ hydrotherapy is also entrenched into the recovery programs of all the athletes – the calf jets in the J-495 are of particular benefit to these budding sportsmen after their twice-daily training runs.

Sally commented that she is delighted with her new Jacuzzi® hot tub – adding that the neck jets, in general, are also a huge benefit to relieving tension.  A bonus tip: treat any niggling injuries after exercise first with an ice pack prior to entering the hot tub!

Euphoria Lifestyle would like to thank Sally enormously for her testimonial and for coming in to talk to us – we did feel a little guilty especially as Sally said she’d given up her morning run and a post-run cup of coffee in the hot tub to be with us this morning!  Our Mike is looking forward to joining your Monday evening Run Club to try and improve his ½ marathon time and better get to know your awesome team!